Tips on Saving Money in Coffee Table Book Printing Mumbai

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Coffee table book printing has become a very innovative way that a creative entrepreneur can use to reach a wide audience. Indeed, more and more people have taken up using coffee table books for their lounges, sitting rooms and reception areas.

As an entrepreneur, you can compile an interesting book that will showcase your products or services in a very dramatic way.

The idea here is to have a final product that will entice people to place the copy of the coffee table book on their coffee tables at home or in the office while at the same time promoting your products or services.

That said, the first thing that will come to mind is how to take on such a major printing project without breaking your marketing budget.

If cost is one of your greatest concerns, you can bring it down to a minimum by incorporating the following tips.

  • Use your own photos

    Taking a photo is as simple as pointing and clicking, given today’s convenient technology. With the right device, you can take photos instead of hiring a professional photographer.

    The idea here is to take tasty relevant photos that will match with the intended theme of the coffee table book. Before you start taking the photographs, sit down and seriously ponder the kind of photos you want.

    They should be interesting enough to inspire readers to keep on turning the pages. For a successful coffee table book, set the purpose and theme of the book before you start taking the photos.

  • Do the layout yourself

    Unless you really lack a creative gene, with just publishing software, you can successfully layout an impressive coffee table book.

    Most software will have a template that you can follow therefore all you are left with is to fill in the content. You will not need to pay someone else to do this which brings down your costs further.

  • Source for affordable printing services

    Unless you run a printing press, it is important to leave the printing of the coffee table book to the expert. Why? It is the only way that you can get a perfectly done product.

    If you cannot get a printing company locally, the internet provides the best resources. Websites such as provide quality printing services at affordable prices. When looking for a printing service, always check the quality of work the company will provide. Low prices should not result in poorly done work.

  • Share the cost with a partner

    If your business cannot afford a large commitment to printing, you can compile a coffee table book with a partner. The partner can be selling related products or services. Sharing the cost will make printing the coffee table book more affordable to you.

    Again, the content contributed by the partner should be relevant and complement your products or services.

    Considering the project would involve two different entities, you should take care not to lose your brand and identity, as it would negate the whole purpose of publishing, which is to promote your goods and services.

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