Tips To Include Social Media With Traditional SEO Effort

Monday, May 10, 2010, 3:20 AM | 10 Comments

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), the only constant is change and by golly change is happening all the time. The SEO landscape is continually changing, as evidenced by recent movement in the search engine industry.

  • Questions have been raised as to what impact the partnership between Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! will have on search technology. Will the partnership create a long-term competitor to Google?
  • Google is definitely not sitting on its ass. How will the new initiatives that it rolls out in response impact the search placement of other companies?
  • Google is the dominant force in today’s search engine market. However, it keeps coming up with newer improvements as evidenced by some recent tweaks made to improve the usability of its search engine that were announced on the company’s blog on Friday, April 16.

Traditional SEO along with social media has key areas that you have to address to succeed:

  1. Site Architecture

    This takes into account how “search engine friendly” a site’s overall structure is. This involves many site architecture factors including how easily the site can be indexed, if it uses Flash vs. HTML and if shopping carts are search-engine friendly.

  2. Keywords density

    This deals with the site content. It’s still true that content is king. It’s important to have content on your site that can have impact not only on visitors but draws the attention of search engines as well.

    This means having a proper keyword density in three places: 1) Content, 2) Title, and 3) Meta tags (description and keywords). If you highlight the keywords, that’s for the better.

  3. Link building

    If you have in-bound and out-bound links on your pages, it will add strength to your site in the eyes of search engines. It’s critical to think about the quality of your links as well.

  4. Social Media

    The more popular social media like Facebook and Twitter are gaining importance and reaching millions of people can be a critical component of your online marketing campaign. It needs to be interactive and engaging visitors can increase in-bound links and improve search engine rankings.

  5. Video SEO

    Often times Youtube videos may show up on the first page of Google results. Applying SEO concepts to videos not only can increase their placement in various searches but also improve the overall ranking of a site.

In a Nutshell
The bottom line is that basic SEO concepts are still critical – just not by themselves anymore. In order for SEO campaigns to be truly effective, they need to be paired with other smart marketing tactics.

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