Tips to Save Money on a Destination Wedding

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Every couple envisions the wedding of their dreams. Some want a traditional ceremony in a church, while others have grander ideas in mind, such as a destination wedding.

For many, the concept of a destination wedding is dismissed when the couple begins to look at the costs associated with such a romantic endeavor.

Although the idea might be daunting at first, there are actually many ways that you can save money on your big day, even if it is somewhere distant and exotic.

Read on for a few great tips for how to go all out while still sticking to a budget.

Tips to Save Money on a Destination Wedding
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  • Budget Accordingly

    Since destination weddings typically cost more than traditional options, you want to make your budget a priority. There are many approaches to budgeting, but in this situation, it is best to be hands-on, as you will want to have a firm grasp on every spending decision that is made. Look at the maximum amount that you want to spend on the wedding and break it down from there. A good suggestion is to use a spreadsheet so you don’t miss or forget anything later on.

    Since you are looking to save money, you will want to look at every component of your wedding and decide if it is necessary or not. Certain items that can quickly add up in costs include wedding bands, expensive photography, and even certain venues. Consider keeping your wedding simple by having it on a beach or at a park where you can save money on the space, furnishings, and decor. In no time, you’ll trim your expenses in half.

    You may be tempted to bring your favorite photographer or decorator along for the ride, but if your wedding is further away or in another country, then paying for travel or long-distance services can be expensive. Instead, consider hiring locals. Every area has photographers, decorators, and DJs, so shop around, read reviews, and choose a professional who can assist when you arrive. You can save money on food and drink by having a small brunch instead of a formal dinner and opting for a cash bar.

  • Dates and Travel

    Now that you have your budget and destination in mind, it is time to pick a date. The further away from your wedding you plan, the more important this step becomes. If the only way to get to the wedding is to fly, then try to go during the off season of the destination you choose, as rates and flights will be cheaper. On average, the least expensive days to fly are on Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, avoid Saturdays in general — that is the most popular wedding day and also the most costly.

    If you are going somewhere further, like a resort, ask about package deals that might include the airfare. Just remember that you don’t need to have your wedding on the other side of the world to make it memorable.

    Wherever you decide to celebrate your nuptials, choose the destination as far in advance as possible so you can get the desired date and avoid any unnecessary fees. You should also consider a destination where you can stay for your honeymoon as well to avoid additional travel expenses. Once you have everything set to go, send an email to all guests that provides the airport information, the itinerary, and any available discount codes.

  • Consider Your Guests

    If you are planning on having your destination wedding far away, then you will have to make considerations for your guests. If you find that too many of your guests cannot make the trip, you can save money on lodging and travel by having a smaller wedding and then throwing a reception when you get back into town. However, if they do come out, save the time and gas associated with driving them back and forth from the airport to the hotel by having a van or bus transport them.

    Once they are there, you will want to have lodging prepared ahead of time. If you are setting them up in a hotel, you can save money by calling the establishment ahead of time and reserving a set number of rooms for a discounted rate. Choose a hotel that is as close to the ceremony as possible to save on fuel costs. If you’re getting married somewhere remote, your wedding party and guests can spend the night in a lodge — or even an RV! Not only will an RV create a memorable experience as you drive to the festivities, but it also helps with travel and lodging expenses.

    For the guests that want to come, you should lay out expectations so everyone knows what you will and will not be paying for. Make it perfectly clear that they are not to invite any unexpected plus ones that did not properly RSVP. Also, If you are planning on paying for the one or two dinners, but the guests are responsible for all other meals, make it clear so they know what to expect.

The destination wedding of your dreams is entirely possible, and if you plan properly, it can be achieved without breaking the bank. By establishing financial responsibility as a cornerstone of your relationship, you’ll lay the foundation for a prosperous future ahead.

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