Stop Annoying CoWorkers To Move Up Corporate Ladder

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You must have known folks at your place of work who will annoy others without even trying. Without knowing their first nature, I can fairly say it’s their second nature.

Some times it so happens that you feel like annoying others as well. The reason may be that some folks have moved up the corporate ladder purely just by annoying others.

However, sooner or later the very top folks in management must realize that they have promoted an asshole who has not proved competent enough to get to the senior level position that he has.

So far as you’re concerned, you feel like you have been cooped up in that cubicle of yours for quite long now. Even if you’re introvert, come out of that cubicle and annoy your coworkers.

But mind you, you can move a couple of ladders up, but to stay there you have to have the age old and classic habits of the more successful executives in an organization.


Stop Annoying

  • Move up quick corporate ladder

    If you want to move up in management for a short while, come out of that cubicle and step on other people’s toes. Be an anti-etiquette, a crusader if you will against etiquette. After all, this is a free country, ain’t it?

    I have heard of and read about so much Dear-Abbey kind of letters and articles about how not to annoy others. It’s sickening, wouldn’t you say? Why not annoy others intentionally, fair and square? You just need a little trying.

    Who knows you might get promoted with anti-etiquette attitude. I am sure your manager would like that.

    Some experts have identified a few annoying office etiquette and tell us to avoid them. Why? Everybody is doing it, why not you?

  • Look at these people…

    The first two were trusted by we, the people. In the end they didn’t get us anything except headaches and sleepless nights.

    The public trusted them too much but they turned out to be the anti-etiquette crusaders. They were the annoying type.

    They not only annoyed the public, they just purely and squarely screwed them left right.

      Bernard Madoff

    • Bernie Madoff
      Now that’s one dude who tops everyone else in conning people.

      If I had $2 billion, I would have invested with him too – more like invested in him.

      He would have screwed me too, along with others. I guess I didn’t have enough money to invest in him.

      Instead, my living from paycheck to paycheck has finally paid off. This dude will rot in his jail cell for the next 150 years.

    • Allen Stanford

    • R. Allen Stanford
      Stanford has given campaign contributions to some of the nation’s top lawmakers.

      A Stanford Group political action committee (PAC) contributed more than $100,000 to various causes last year.

      Sanford was sent to jail too and is serving a 110-year prison sentence. What happens to the lawmakers who accepted his PAC money? Nothing!

      The American people have always believed in forgive and forget.

    • David Cerullo

    • David Cerullo
      He is not only annoying his congregation, he is screwing them left and right.

      He’s one of the many who keeps conning the American people with his so-called religious sermons.

      Nobody dares to touch this dude because so far he has the support of we, the people – the most gullible people ever lived on the face of our dearest planet.

      And so many others, not to mention most of the financial institutions – especially the BIG banks – who not only annoyed the American public but screwed them like never before.

      And they got promoted with that bailout money. They are the screw-up kids on the block. The anti-etiquette crusaders who would stop at nothing to screw the American public.

    • Wake up America…

      When are these institutions and the American people going to wake up and stop trusting their so-called investment advisers blindly without getting any feedback from them?

Moral of the story
So what I am saying is [lowering my anti-etiquette voice] there are times when you have no choice but to screw other folks regardless you get fired or promoted.

There should be a national day declared commemorating the screw-ups, the anti-etiquette, lest we forget the Madoff’s, the Cerullo’s and other anti-everything schmucks and scums.

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