Top 10 Web Applications to Watch TV and Movies

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However, now with modern technology, you can do the same thing on your computer or phone. There are several applications available that allow you to stream your favorite shows and enjoy them whenever you want to.

  1. Hulu Plus

    This is one of the most famous sites that come to mind when one thinks of watching television on the internet. It has been offering great services for around a half a decade.

    You can enjoy your favorite shows for free in great quality. This powerhouse site also offers full-length movies and classic documentaries. Subscribers can also enjoy trailers of upcoming movies and keep in touch with all the happenings.

    The application is also available on phones; however, it needs special subscription to work on phones.

  2. Fancast

    This is an online video store that has a mixture of classic and modern titles. You can buy or rent your favorite movies from there and enjoy them whenever you want to. All the titles are available in great quality and give a unique experience. Their servers are also very good and there are no extra sounds or video lag.

  3. AT&T U-verse Live TV

    The application is, surprisingly, free to download; however, you’ll need to subscribe to it for $11.99/month in order to enjoy the features. It does not only let you watch live TV, but you can also order your favorite shows. It has a great mixture of channels including MTV, ESPN, Comedy Central and many more.

  4. HBO GO

    One of the major reasons for the success of this application is the fact that it offers some exclusive shows, such as The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. The application is available for free; however, it requires subscription to the HBO channel and the cable company’s participation. You cannot enjoy it if you do not have subscription to the channel or if your cable company is not a participant of the deal.

  5. Veoh

    Veoh mostly gets its content from Hulu, but also has a unique and exclusive list of titles. The best thing about this service is that it allows you to download or record shows for a later viewing. Veoh also uses the social networking factor to keep all its subscribers in the loop. It allows users to upload videos and share them on blogs to have more fun.

  6. TV.Com

    TV.Com allows you to enjoy full episodes, trailers and special clippings. The service is also available on latest phones. Already one of the most famous destinations for live TV, this application is quickly gaining recognition due to its habit to bring all the latest titles as quickly as possible. The company is co-owned by several big names that enable it to bring exclusive, classic titles.

  7. Netflix

    Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most famous names in online videos. It offers amazing HD quality videos that can be streamed anytime you wish to watch them. The application is available for free; however, you need to subscribe to the service ($7.99/month) to fully enjoy all the features and experience watching television on the go.

  8. Xifinity TV

    Xfinity TV is comparatively new, but already among the most famous applications for watching television. The service is exclusively available to Comsat subscribers from the cable giant. You can enjoy all the channels you have subscribed to without any extra fee. And that is not all, as it even allows you to control your home DVR and on-demand options.

  9. Amazon Video on Demand

    Amazon is excellent in every field it has stepped in. The company also has its VOD service that is hugely likeable. It allows subscribers to enjoy complete episodes of their favorite classics, sitcoms and latest shows in excellent quality.

  10. Crackle

    The service is free and it brings in all the exciting titles, from
    modern-day classics to old, romantic movies. The application offers it all. However, it puts in commercials in-between to cover up its cost. Not much of a loss given that you get to enjoy the service for free.

All these applications have their own unique qualities. Some offer HD videos while some back on exclusive content. You should choose the one that suits you the best. And if you are looking for a good dish service, then you can sign up to Dish LATINO Dos.

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