Top 2016 Leadership Trends

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Workplaces and leaders evolve year after year. While sometimes the evolution happens gradually and without notice, other times it happens in a blink of an eye.

In the year before us, we will continue to see companies accepting new, groundbreaking forms of leadership.

Let us introduce you to the trends that will shape workplaces in 2016.

    Top 2016 Leadership Trends 1

  • Flexibility at Work

    Every serious leader should introduce flexible schedules, work sharing, telecommuting, and even contract work.

    However, they still need a little bit more encouragement and insisting in order to actually implement them into the work, but it will happen soon. In order to do the work well, and avoid burning out, work flexibility is essential.

    Employers are constantly trying to find creative ways to maintain their workers, and providing them a more flexible lifestyle is definitely one of them. This will be highly beneficial for the productivity of workers, because comfort is essential in achieving good results.

  • Automating Administrative Tasks

    Piles of paperwork in human resources are going to retire very soon. The technology is advancing more each year, and soon the need for a person working in human resources will start to decrease more and more, giving them an opportunity to focus more on strategic part of the job.

    Various software solutions are available for companies to adopt them and let the employees make new initiatives and long term plans for better work.

  • The Use of Technology

    In the era of technology, it is only logical to use all of its resources in order to enrich your leadership. Therefore, the innovative recruiting technologies are highly recommended and will be acquired for hiring and training new talents in order to decrease manual tasks.

    Regardless of the area of expertise, everyone from assistants, to people in the sales jobs will be recruited with the help of technology. Namely, video interviewing technologies are about to be adopt worldwide, considering the most important goal for companies is to focus the talent acquisition strategies on remote workers.

  • Top 2016 Leadership Trends 2

  • Introducing Wearable Technology

    Considering that 33 million devices were sold worldwide in the previous year, and it is estimated the sales will grow by 35% in 2016, we can say that wearable technology as Fitbit and Apple Watch are going to be the center of leadership trend.

    Not only are these devices popular, but also highly efficient and accepted by more and more senior leaders. They are perfect for tracking health and wellness, as well as productivity at work.

    The workers are becoming more efficient with their time while using these wearable devices, which is another great reason to introduce them into business.

  • Modernization of Workplace

    Automation is said to be a main force in 2016 economy. Pressure to be modernized and advances in robotics, the rise in healthcare costs, the increase of minimum wage, and companies’ striving to create more business value with fewer expenses is enough proof this automation is about to be one of the 2016 leadership trends.

    Machines will be able to replace the worker completely in the nearest future, while for now they can only do as half of work as an employee can.

    Everyone from receptionists, bank tellers through cashiers, telemarketers and mail carriers, will be replaced by machines in the next couple of decades.

    Employers are lowering the cost of talent and creating efficient production line, which gives workers fewer job opportunities and puts additional amount of pressure to them.

    Automation is not developed as much yet, and it is only starting to become great, but that did not stop major global companies to experiment with it and bring new discoveries to the market.

New trends are developed each year, and these were just some that 2016 holds for the business people.

In order to be an effective leader, one must balance the needs of the organization with those of employees, and bring innovations into the workplace constantly. Only then will the productivity be at its best.

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