Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Birth Injury Attorney

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The birth of a baby is the most exciting moments in the life of any parent. Every mother and father hopes for the arrival of a healthy, normal baby.

However, this is never the case because 2% of children born in the USA will suffer injuries during the delivery process.

Some of these injuries are unavoidable, while others are caused by errors or negligence by medical professionals. In such as case, you need a birth injury attorney to assist you.

Here are reasons to hire the best lawyer to assist you.

  1. Delivery injuries

    A birth injury can be caused by the umbilical cord or the baby may become lodged in the birth canal during the delivery. In some cases, this can be categorized as medical malpractice. Although unpreventable situations can occur during delivery, the medical team is expected to continuously monitor the position and size of the baby.

    If the medical team was not prepared to deliver a larger infant or the umbilical cord position that resulted in the birth injury, then you can hire a lawyer to explore the case.

  2. Delayed Cesarean Delivery

    There are situations when the baby must be delivered by C-section or cesarean to prevent injury to the child or mother. The medical team has the responsibility to monitor the fetus all through labor to verify whether it is in distress and may require quick delivery through C-section to avoid any harm.

    Delayed cesarean delivery can result in a lack of oxygen to the baby and this may cause brain injuries and even death. If a C-section delay could have been prevented and the baby is injured, it can be categorized as a birth injury malpractice case.

  3. The baby suffers from a birth injury

    Even if parents are not sure whether something went wrong during the delivery process, it may be prudent to consult a birth injury lawyer if the child has a birth trauma injury.

    In most cases, medical facilities and physicians will always try to cover up any mistakes they made and will not admit when mistakes occurred. In most cases, birth injury attorneys are the ones who uncover the evidence regarding the mistakes that caused the birth injury.

  4. Injuries caused by Vacuum extractor or Forceps

    Forceps or vacuum extractor can be used during delivery to remove the baby from the birth canal. This is known as assisted delivery and must be carried out by a highly trained medical expert.

    Improper use of these devices can result in brain hemorrhaging and other problems that can affect the health of the newborn. This can cause brain or head damage that can affect the baby’s long-term health and this can be a credible case for a seasoned birth injury attorney.

  5. Delayed response to fetal distress

    Delayed response to fetus distress is one of the major causes of birth injuries caused by medical malpractice. The medical team is expected to monitor the fetus and determine whether there is distress and respond accordingly if there are any signs showing that the baby is in trouble.

    A delayed medical response can result in a lack of oxygen or other issues that can impact the health of the baby. If your baby has brain damage or other injuries caused by delayed response to fetal distress, then consulting a birth injury attorney is important.

Some birth injuries may be quite severe and some babies will carry their effects for their whole life. An injury that needs special long-term therapy and care is a stern issue. Most times the medical bills can add up pretty quickly and most parents may be unable to cope. By seeking compensation with the assistance of a lawyer, the family may find relief.

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