Top 5 Safest SUVs on the Road in 2013

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Over the past decade automotive technology has made SUVs substantially safer than their archaic predecessors. One of the biggest concerns regarding these vehicles was that they had a substantially higher chance of flipping than other cars on the market. If an accident of this nature were to occur and one party was at fault then their insurance premium from a company like The Hartford was bound to increase significantly.

Nowadays, electronic stability control systems (ESC) are causing a massive decline in rollover rates. Anne McCartt who is the senior VP for research for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety demonstrates the strides we have made in SUV technology as of late when she says: “The rollover risk in SUVs used to outweigh their size/weight advantage, but that’s no longer the case, thanks to ESC.”

People used to buy these bigger automobiles thinking that their sheer size could protect them from the elements or any obstructions in their path but that simply was not the case. On the market in 2013 there are plenty of sports utility vehicles that anyone could feel safe and comfortable driving their family and friends around in.

This is by no means an objective account with empirical data to back up my claims, but the following are five of the safest SUVs available on the market today in no particular order.

  1. Ford Edge

    • 4 out of 5 stars in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s crash test. They lost few points in the front crash test but performed much better than comparable SUVs regarding rollover resistance

    • Anti-lock brakes and stability control- by reducing engine power the Edge allows owners to regain control of their car when handling limits have been surpassed

    • Front , side and overhead airbags

    • Pretensioners- in anticipation of a collision the Edge tightens your seatbelt to hold you in ideal position in the event of an accident

  2. Mercedes E-Class 4-door 4WD

    • Safer for the environment with less greenhouse gas emissions than previous models

    • Collision prevention assist- radar-based technology alerts of impending accident with vehicle in front of you then helps you avoid a collision with braking assistance

    • Distronic Plus active cruise control automatically slows the vehicle in response to traffic ahead

    • Blind Spot and Lane Keeping Assist ensure you are aware of cars in adjacent lanes and warn you if drifting out of lane into harms way

  3. Audi A6 4-Door 4WD

    • Security system- anticipates unwanted vehicle intrusion by acknowledging whether original manufactured key is the one in use

    • Anti-whiplash head restraints hold your neck in place in the event of a rear collision

    • Knee airbags help protect lower extremities

    • Brakes sense automatically when a tire has ceased rotating while car is breaking and modulates brake pressure thus enabling tire rotation

  4. Land Rover Range Rover Sport

    • Child safety locks

    • 4-wheel disc brakes maintain brake balance under both normal and heavy brake use

    • ESC- Range rovers used to have a bad rap for flipping over, but with ESC these concerns have been alleviated

    • Power steering allows different actuators to add increased energy to steering mechanism, so driver needs to provide only modest effort regardless of inclement weather or road conditions

  5. Jeep Grand Cherokee

    • Parking assist- backup camera enables driver to safely and easily park in the tightest of spaces

    • Strong Uni-Frame construction with the highest strength steel protects you from other drivers who may not be driving defensively

    • Door guard beams protect occupants in the event of a side impact collision

    • Selec-Terrain system enables driver to easily handle car regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

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  2. By Michael Einsidler on Jul 8, 2013, 7:59 am | Reply

    I’m surprised that this article did not mention any hybrid SUVs at all. Not only are they safer because they don’t have harmful emissions that damage our ozone layer , but they keep your pockets safer at the pump.

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