Top 9 Mobile Apps That Will Save You Money on Your Outdoor Expeditions

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Travelling needs planning, and if you intend to take a vacation, the weather conditions at your preferred vacationing destination will be important.

When you need to unwind, a warmer surrounding is good; cases of people getting depressed when it’s cold have been reported.

Technology has made all this planning cheaper, very efficient and convenient.

There are Smartphone apps that have been developed just for you. They include:

  1. WeatherPro

    When out with friends and family, it is important to have the right weather updates. You could go out mountain biking then get rained on and eventually the trails disappear. This would be a very difficult and disappointing moment.

    This app has been made specifically for you. It helps save money because you will not have to buy new bikes if the ones you have get destroyed and the tours company won’t have to spend money on search teams and equipment.

  2. Google Maps

    When looking for places we are not familiar with, it is good to have a guide. Google maps have been with us for some time now and you should learn to utilize it. Just key in what you are looking for and you will get the directions to the place. You do not have to miss a turn to the park because the signage is poor.

  3. Packing Pro

    Packing is a nightmarish activity and you might find yourself confused on what exactly you need. Ladies find themselves needing everything in their closet, and this app would be the best friend to many.

    Just key in details of where you intend to visit, the length of the travel and if you will have company. This app then splits lists of things you need. This is available for iPhones and iPads.

  4. All Trails

    This is a great app for outdoor lovers. It tells you where to go hiking or mountain biking. It has a GPS tracker and an offline Topo Maps. It’s available on iTunes and Google Play.

  5. MapMyHike GPS Hiking

    This is an absolutely free app for hikers and cyclists. It gives detailed feedback of your routes, distance covered, average pace and even calories burned. It’s designed for workouts but has been made to help any hiker/ biker recording their route.

  6. Audubon Birds Pro

    You have to purchase this app for $2 or $8 to get the feel. It’s incredible for bird watchers. If you are in Florida, download the app at the low cost and head on to Zion national park for bird watching. You can identify the different birds by listening to the sounds they make.

  7. Project Noah

    Cool name! This is an important asset for wildlife conservation. As a guide with jeep tours in Utah, you will be able to document all wildlife you encounter. This will guide you through the photographs of animals you encountered off the trails on the jeep or ATV. You can then filter by location to find what’s been sighted recently near your location. This app saves resources and time for tourists.

  8. SAS Survival Guide App

    Survival is important when you are out in the wild, and all rangers with Jeep tours Utah have the app on their phones. All tourists and travelers are also encouraged to download it because it has videos, texts and photos of survival tips.

    Morse code, comprehensive first aid and compass devices are in the app and you could learn a lot to save your life or strangers’ lives. It can be purchased for android phones, iPhones and Windows phones.

  9. Chimani National Parks

    This is an app with information about all the 59 national parks in the US. The most interesting stuff is found in it; hiking trails, offline GPS navigation, best scenes, points of interest and ranger led events.

Others include: Every trail and Camp finder. These apps not only save you money but also time to pick out the best places to visit, and other times the chance to make reservations at your preferred destination.

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