Top Caravanning Spots In The UK

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These days, you don’t have to get on a plane to have a great holiday. There are hundreds of fantastic caravanning spots located through the UK and they’re all extremely affordable. They range from the small and intimate to the wonderfully communal, from the bare basics to the all out luxury.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for on a summer trip – a caravan holiday can provide it. A million caravan owners can’t be wrong, says the official UK Caravan Club.

If you’re planning to load the kids or just the other half into a caravan and head for somewhere exciting this summer – it could be worth taking a little bit of time to think about where you’d like to go.

The vast majority of caravan sites in the UK are very well looked after and catered for, but there are those that it’s best to avoid, says journalist Laura Canning.

Just like hotels and B&Bs, not every caravan site is five star and not every pitching spot is world class. You’ve just got to learn to recognise the great ones and luckily they’re in abundance.

Here are some of the UK’s best caravanning spots.

  • Low Wray, Cumbria

    This site is run by the National Trust so its quality is pretty much guaranteed. It’s located in Ambleside, very close to Lake Windemere. Evening strolls by the lake look utterly unbelievable from this windswept region and if you fancy getting close to nature – there are tipis and yurts available to rent for £8 a night.

  • Cedar Gables, Kent

    Cedar Gables is a very small and intimate site close to Bewl Water, near Wadhurst. Prices range from £8 to £20 per night depending on the size of your party. So even if you’re travelling with a lot of children or a few extended family members – £20 is the most you’re going to have to pay and that’s extremely reasonable. Electric hook-ups costs next to nothing and Bewl Water provides ample opportunities for fishing, walking, sailing and cycling.

  • Lonely Farm, Suffolk

    This small site in Suffolk is superbly run and excellently maintained. It is an adults only spot though. If you and your partner fancy a little me time, Lonely Farm could be just what you’re looking for. It’s in a beautiful part of East Anglia which is close to the coast and filled to the brim with quirky shops and cafes. Lonely Farm has its own shower block and a specially designed washing up room for those who prefer to cook their own meals whilst on holiday.

  • Bay View Farm, Cornwall

    Bay View Farm is one of the most beautiful campsites in the country. It sits in the small coastal town of Looe in Cornwall. Essentially, it’s what every tourist who visits the UK expects to see – tiny, little fishing boats, pastel coloured houses, chocolate box gift shops and sandy beaches. Whilst those of us who’ve been to Manchester know better – it does happen to be true when it comes to Looe. There’s even a monkey sanctuary in walking distance of Bay View Farm caravan site. What else could you ask for?

Before you dive in feet first, jump in the caravan and head off to one of these idyllic locations – make sure that you and your vehicle are properly insured.

It can be easy to forget about holiday insurance, especially when you’re not flying overseas but it is extremely important. Caravan insurance will make sure that you, your family and your vehicle can all be taken care of should anything unexpected happen whilst you’re holidaying.

The price of insurance largely depends on the make and model of your caravan. An average online caravan insurance quote for an older model comes to around £88 a year, while a quote for a newer vehicle is somewhat pricier at around £1,200 a year.

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