Top Experts in Custom Home Remodelling in Houston

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Do you have a custom home remodel project? You are interested in hiring a top remodeling agency.

Everyone out there will claim to be the best, making a choice difficult for you to make. This blog will make your work easier.

We have narrowed down to 4 top custom remodels companies in Houston.

We have used the following criteria, the number of years in the business, portfolio, team, and reviews.

    Top Experts in Custom Home Remodelling in Houston

  • TriFection Remodeling and Construction

    To emerge top, you need something special about your service offering. Over the years, they have gained glowing reviews from customers. Their average ratings from the top review sites are over four stars.

    Jeff Roberts of TriFection Remodeling & Construction says that renovating your kitchen is the best way to have the functionality you’ve always envisioned. Customers cite professionalism, experience, communication, and unique designs as the most common attributes of the company.

  • Houstonian Home Renovations

    This company also has 30 years of experience in the custom home market. They have an extensive catalog of services, including architectural designs, engineering plans, roof replacements, windows additions, and other custom services. Their average rating is also over four stars, and customers cite planning, communication, experience, and design works with glowing terms.

    For a complete remodel task, they will be perfect for you. With a huge team, they can take large and complex projects with ease.

  • CRAFTED Custom Homes and Renovations

    As the name suggests, Crafted is an expert of those crafted additions. Those additions that you have a mental picture and you want it translated into action. The communication style is a marvel. They implement a custom online project management tool that allows the team and the owner to communicate in real-time. Their impressive catalog of previous works is also a marvel for anyone who is looking for perfection. They even brag a little about their work that they are capable of pulling any design successfully. Their reviews are quite impressive, with most reviews averaging 4.5 stars.

    Top Experts in Custom Home Remodelling in Houston 2

  • Unique Builders and Development Inc.

    As the name suggests, if you are looking for something unique, this is the company to call. They have over 30 years of experience and an average rating of four stars. The reviews point to a company that is committed to pulling all stops to deliver to perfection. Most customers also laud their communication. From essential to the luxury kitchen and bathroom remodels, Unique Builders also offer room addition, flooring, and even custom home building from design to execution.

When choosing the perfect company for your job, focus on experience in that particular project. Some companies are good at adding rooms, while others are good at removing them. If you want a kitchen remodel expert in Houston, TriFection is your best bet; room additions and news constructions, Unique Builders, will be perfect; luxury design and minimalist remodels, Crafted will be great; exterior renovations and deigns, Houstonian Remodel will offer you an ideal experience.

All these companies have experience doing a wide range of products, though, and you can pick any for your remodel.

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