Top Free SEO Tools for Small Business Owners

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Small business owners are always in search of a business plan or strategy that can be profitable for them.

Using smart SEO tools can be a good option.

Perhaps, small business owners think that it is an expensive and time-consuming method of learning and implementing.

However, the fact is that many SEO tools can be easily used by taking help from online videos and articles.

Once you get the concept of SEO, you can easily increase the Google ranking of your website. Moreover, if you think SEO tools are expensive and not meant for you then you are wrong. There are some SEO tools that small business owners can use free of cost.

Below is a list of free SEO tools that can help you in understanding SEO and building an effective SEO strategy for your business.

  • Google Analytics

    If you are looking for the best web analytics tool, you are going to love Google Analytics. This tool has much functionality. With this tool, you get a unique vision to see the visitors visiting your page, pages that are frequently viewed, and much more. You will also come to know that whether the traffic you are getting for your website is coming organically or due to a referral from social media channels.

  • Keyword Planner

    Selection of keywords is the key to any small business SEO strategy. By using keyword planner you can find out some keywords related to your business.

    Keywords can be broken into two major categories including search volume and keyword competitiveness. With the help of search volume, you can find out some times the keyword is searched in a month. However, keyword competitiveness helps the owner in knowing how many different sites are targeting similar keywords.

  • Search Console

    This tool was previously known as Google Webmaster Tools and it was used by the webmasters to take care of the pages with any kind of error. However, now this tool is used for SEO purpose. It helps the business owner to see some essential pieces of data that are hard to find anywhere else.

  • Google Trends

    This is also an important tool that must be used by small business owners. It permits you to make a comparison between topics and collect awareness of the latest industry trends that are too far the reach of your direct competitors. This tool can be used by the business owners to comprehend what people search for in their real-time.

    Moreover, the business owners who want to keep their self updated with the current news and events get an advantage because Google trends are linked with Google news.

  • Moz Open Site Explorer

    You can enjoy the great benefit of using free Moztools and trial versions. This tool is exceptionally powerful when it comes to finding the link building opportunities. Also, it helps in tracking the flattering profile of your website to compare it with the competitors.It collects the link placed on different websites that direct back to your website. Also, it gives you a domain authority rating of that website which is linking to you. Consequently, this tool helps you in knowing how much Google likes your website and what are the possibilities of your website’s ranking well in Google SERPs.

  • Human help

    You are all set with your free or paid SEO tools but sometimes you get stuck into a problem that can be fixed only with human help. Sometimes, watching videos on YouTube or using SEO tools is not enough and you need some human help to resolve the issues regarding your business. So, professionals help is also a great business tool.

Wrapping up!

Due to the heavy competition, small business owners think that they cannot stand in the market and beat their competitors. However, using these industries SEO tools to investigate key metrics, business trends and real-time data gives small business owners confidence of being alive in the competitive world.

Whether you are looking for more links or better content for your business, the above-listed SEO tools can help in creating a different world for your business. Also, there is a need for doing regular research on the industry to remain competitive and relevant.

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