Top Nanny Cams-Secure Your Home from Burglars in 2020

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If you are a working person and want to keep track of what’s going on at your place or how the babysitter you have hired is treating your baby, then you will definitely need nanny cams at your home.

The best thing about nanny cams is that they are multipurpose. They do not only keep your kids safe but also keep your home secure from the burglars.

You will find many hidden cameras for sale, but we will help you pick the best ones and the criteria that are to be used to choose the perfect ones for your space:

Top Nanny Cams That Secure Your Home From Burglars in 2020

What to Look for While Buying a Nanny Cam?

Knowing what features to look for while buying a nanny cam eases your task to a greater extent. Here is what you need to check out:

  • Design of the Cam: The design of the nanny cam depends on your preference solely, i.e. if you want it to be hidden or should it be an obvious one. If the latter, whether it should have a friendly appearance or might simply be placed in the corner of the room just like any other outdoor security cameras. The design has to be as per your choice.

  • Price: You can find a bunch of budget-friendly nanny cams that will be light on pocket and highly functional as well. This particularly depends on how much you are willing to spend.

  • Recording Options: Some cameras just offer you live stream while others save the recording on microSD cards. Moreover, some nanny cams have motion sensors that start recording only when any movement is detected. Therefore, make sure to check the recording options before heading to the market.

  • Camera Movements: Nanny cams do not usually allow full control over the camera movements. However, you can opt for other security cameras for that purpose.

Best Nanny Cams in 2020:

Here is the list of the top nanny cams that should be your pick in 2020:

  1. Blink:

    This is a wireless and highly affordable camera that allows you to hide it easily anywhere you want. It is battery powered. If connects your phone to your camera via wi-fi, thus making it easy for you to check the footage anytime and anywhere you want. It offers you a wide view and you can keep an eye on the entire room. Moreover, it sends you motion alerts and you can timely lookup for any suspicious activity on time.

  2. Blink Mini:

    Blink mini is the baby brother of blink that comes at an absolutely affordable price i.e. $30. It offers 1080 picture quality, motion detection, and seamless two-way communication. It is not portable like blink, but its other features make it a perfect pick to keep your space aptly secure.

  3. Google Nest Cam:

    Nest cam provides you a wide view i.e. 130 degrees live streaming. The live stream remains to save for 30 days and you can review it at your convenience. It is not wireless but absolutely easy to install. Nest cam is trained to recognize faces, which makes it easy for searching and tagging videos featuring your kids, nanny, or other family members quite convenient. Google nanny cam is the best nanny cam, baby monitor, and a security camera which makes it worth $200.

  4. Arlo Baby:

    This is the most adorable one in design which makes it a perfect nanny cam. It can be a bunny, puppy, or a kitty, which makes Arlo baby the cutest of all cams. It has a smart feature of air monitoring with which you can check out the room temperature, gives you baby’s crying adults, plays lullabies music to keep the baby calm. It is the perfect gadget to be placed in your little one’s room.

The Bottom Line:

There are a number of nanny cams available in the market, but these four ones are really ruling the surveillance these days. They are multifunctional and keeps your baby and house safe simultaneously. Nanny cams or security cameras have become an absolute necessity these days. These four cams are designed to provide you the best protection against the threats around you. Be it a hidden nanny cam or an obvious one, it is bound to be beneficial for the security purpose.

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