Top Questions to Ask Yourself When Assessing Your Career

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There comes a time in your working life where you would ask yourself if you are on the right place.

It could be when you just started your first job and have zero clue whether everything would work out, or it could come when you have been grinding for so long you start to wonder if you are where you need to be.

Whichever way, managing your career is vital for your personal growth. It directly contributes to your overall wellbeing and it is a part of your daily life. But how does one really perform a career assessment?

Here are the top questions to ask yourself when assessing your career:

  1. Are you happy?

    There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when talking about happiness — especially when it’s about work. While it could be quite challenging to factor in every single thing that contributes to a happy work life, you may think about it in general.

    When you wake up on a working day, do you normally feel energized to go on about the day or do you feel sluggish every single morning? Do you still feel challenged about getting new tasks or do you take it like a punishment you wish would end soon? Do you take pride in what you do or can you not find anything interesting about your job?

    Take time to answer these few questions and it would give you a pretty much good idea about how your work makes you feel.

  2. Do you feel appreciated?

    Workplace appreciation comes in tiers. There is a tier for when you are recognized for the quality of job you do and it is vital to hear once in a while from your colleagues how well you performed.

    Then there is a tier when that excellent performance is acknowledged by receiving a well-deserved promotion.

    And then of course, there is the monetary tier where all the hard work you do is rewarded with the monetary value it deserves.

    When these tiers are working just fine for you and you feel somehow adequate with the demands of your job and the people you work with, then you are among the few lucky ones.

  3. Is there an opportunity for career growth?

    One of the most important factors that make a career journey worthwhile is knowing that growth is waiting to happen. If you need to ask, go ask. There is nothing wrong with asking about your future in the company you are working with. This will also serve as a good opportunity for you to let them know that you are looking ahead the future.

    That you are not just there for the present but that you are also looking what is in for you few years from today. Having this kind of information will give you an idea if the place you are is where you need to be.

As you go along the journey of career assessment, these are among the top questions you should ask yourself. Although there could possible things you can consider of course, but these three things could be a good starting point.

When you feel like you’re not in the right career path, you can start seeking looking at other opportunities.

There are a lot of qualified professional coaches and outplacement services that can help you transition to new jobs and find the career that you’ve always wanted.

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