Top Small business Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

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If you are a small business owner, managing and utilising your time in a right can be very challenging. You may feel like there’s is not enough time to get everything done.

We cannot increase the numbers of hours in a day, but we can learn to manage our time better in a more productive way.

Here are some tips for small business owners that can help you to turn your wasted time into productive time.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

    You will come across various things that are time-killer, some of them are; phones, emails, twitter, facebook, Instagram etc.

    If you spend all of your time on internet surfing, reading your emails or checking latest deals this is a complete wastage of time.

    Start setting boundaries, instead of replying to your mail every 10-15 minutes set a time period to check and respond to all of your emails or phone messages.

    If you use social sites to market your business or service, you can get a social media management tool, or you can hire someone to manage your social media accounts.

  2. Don’t Multitask

    Small business owners have multiple responsibilities but that does not mean doing everything simultaneously is going to save your time.

    You have to understand that focusing on one thing at a time will double the productivity, performance and work output. Don’t force yourself to so more than one task at a time. Focus on that one task until it gets complete.

  3. Find Your Productivity Zone

    Identifying your productive time is another factor that will help you to utilise your time in an effective and productive manner.

    Some people are productive in the morning when their minds are fresh, some in the afternoon and if you are a night person than schedule your important goals after dinner.

    Try to reduce the distractions during your productive time, not only this will boost your productivity, but it will also reduce the time that takes you to complete your work.

  4. Get Organised

    Lack of organisation equals wastage of time. First, organise your desk to avoid those time taking and numerous searches.

    Get rid of everything that is not necessary. Then create a system for left items like for urgent items use files and code them by color. This will organise not only your space but also your time.

  5. Delegate Tasks

    When you have many tasks then it’s time to delegate certain task as it’s not necessarily essential for you to do all task yourself.

    First identify what tasks are essential then outsource the tasks accordingly.

    For Example, Payroll outsourcing companies are the one who can manage your workers time, attendance, compensation, payroll taxes and much more.

    They easily take the stress out of payroll processing related issues. So that business owners don’t waste their time and can focus on their main tasks.


When you will pay attention to how you are spending your time you will see how much easier is to increase the productivity and income. “Time is money” and save your time for the important things. If you have any suggestions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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