Top Ten Tips To Sell Your Car Yourself

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Do you want to sell your car and you don’t want an agent to help you? Perhaps you want to cut out the cost of hiring an agency but you just do not know how to go about it.

Here are the top ten tips which would help you to get your sale across the line. These tips are simple and you are sure to find them useful.

They are:

  1. Crucial Information Pertaining to the Market

    For you to complete the sell your car effectively, you should know how easy or difficult the market dealing with the sale of cars is at the moment. For example;

    • Family sedans which although is considered plain and ordinary by many has a steady demand due to the fact that individuals are simply interested in commuting through a cheap form of transportation.

    • If your car is a convertible, you should realize that the market for those type of cars really depends on the season in which we find ourselves. You should not expect a quick sale during fall.

    • If your car is the trucks category, you can expect to find buyers all year round due to the fan that these kinds of cars are used in work areas by many people.

    With this in mind, you should check the market data online to see the current prices of your car. What determines what price a car could be sold to include the condition of the car, the mileage which has been spent and the location in which the car is sold. This would allow you put up your car for sale in San Diego at a price with utmost confidence.

  2. Pricing and Negotiations

    Fixing a price for youth car would depend on all those factors mentioned above and probably even more. It is important to note that you should not be too dogmatic about the price which you have fixed or that you have to follow exactly the pricing of other cars. Going with your guts, you can slightly increase the amount of money which you want your car to be sold for. This can come in handy during negotiation as any further drop in price would not fall below the actual price you had in mind.

  3. Make Your Car Look Attrcative

    Most car deals are agreed upon due to the first impression the car gives the buyers. Therefore it is important that you make your car look very attractive. Before putting your car up for sale, you should make significant changes to your car to make it look attractive.

    These changes could include;

    • Try to get your car sparkling clean and well vacuumed

    • Make sure all parts of your car is clean and works properly

    • Remove all junk and litter which may inside the car

    • You should try to service your car and do all the necessary maintenance work such as changing the engine oil and so much more

  4. Finding the Right Place for Advertisement

    Now we have your vehicle looking flawless and spotless, the next step would be to promote it in order to get a quick sale. Conventional means which were used to place ads in previous times would include a newspaper and market. However, you can advertise your products by using classified ads which you can find online. These are more effective and can reach a wider number of people.

    Top Ten Tips To Sell Your Car Yourself 1

    If this is the method which you have chosen, you should ensure that if someone picks an interest in the car which you planned to sell, you would be available to receive the phone calls. This is important because most potential buyers do not like leaving messages but like reaching the seller directly. Therefore, if you are close to your phone, you could miss out on a potential buyer.


    Before you create an ad, make sure you do it the right way. This would include using the right words to express your desire to sell your car. An ad would also typically include the year which you would sell the car, the model of your car and so much more.

    When you are creating the ad, using such words as “Must sell” would convey to the buyer that the need to sell is urgent and you would want the transaction to be completed immediately.


    The buyer would most likely want to see your car before completing the purchase. If you do feel weird about having people come to your house to take a look, it is always possible to take photos of the car and send to the buyer through the use of a mobile device.

    Most buyers find it hard to trust sellers, so it would be good to put him at ease by answering all questions that have been asked as soon as you can. You might also allow for a test ride to be done with your car.

  7. Top Ten Tips To Sell Your Car Yourself 2


    After all things having to do with the display of your car has been completed, you can proceed with negotiating for the best price. This is important especially if your car is deemed to be in peak condition. Negotiations can take place in various forms. But whatever the form it does, it is essential that you get the best price possible for your car.


    To avoid any unwanted issue from arising, try to make all the terms of the sale as clear as possible. This will help restrict the number of issues that may arise before the deal is completed. To avoid all problems, it is also necessary that you try to make sure your car is in peak condition. This is to ensure that the sale is not made subject to any repairs on the car being made.


    Before you close the deal, make sure you check with all relevant authorities which govern the sale of vehicles in the region which you live in. you should make it in clear in the agreement that your liability is limited on the event that the car does not function as planned.

    Also, cancel all vehicle insurance you had running with the car before its sale so as to remove any running cost which you might incur in case of an accident.


    After a sale, you should make it clear to the buyer that a used car comes with no warranty. Therefore, you are not going to refund him in the case of a breakdown of the car. Therefore, the need to be honest about the state of your car is important so as not to spoil the good working relationship between yourself and the buyer.

A used car which has been sold can be a win-win situation for the buyer and seller if the sale is done the right way. You can look forward to enjoying the car as the buyer and the buyer can look forward to getting the right payment.

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