TREFIS Is American Next Top Stock Model

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I have been reading nothing but awesome reviews about Trefis which will be America’s next top stock model. In order to “compensate and facilitate” for the recent turmoil in the U.S. and World economy, MIT engineers and Wall Street Analysts got together and developed the software.

Trefis motto is:

Understand how a company’s products impact its stock price.

The pitch behind Trefis is:

Most financial websites spit out a bunch of numbers without really giving folks a solid way of looking at the underlying fundamentals of a business.

There has been a financial void/vacuum for a novice like me to use a financial model to see how a stock would perform. And so, a start-up called Trefis has stepped in to fill that void, lending a hand to novice as well as more seasoned investors by giving them some pretty easy-to-use modeling tools.

For example,

Hewlett-Packard (HP) comes out with a new printer. You want to know how big its printer business is these days and what kinds of margins the printers produce for the company. By running this software online off of Trefis website, you can get a feeling for how much a new printer will contribute to HP’s bottom line over the next five years. That’s how valuable it can be.

At the moment, you can only check into about 50 companies

Most of them technology and media giants. The reason is that the founders of the company have math and Wall Street backgrounds and have set up their initial models for these companies. It’s then up to you to begin tweaking. The software is pretty slick.

In a Nutshell

To start out, you register for free to use the stock model. It’s a model and by its nature, it forecasts how a new or old product inside a company will perform. So you can base your decision on the model whether to buy or sell.

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