Tricks for Filling Your Back Pocket with a Little Extra Cash

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While money doesn’t make the world spin, it does make many of the necessities and luxuries of life available. That’s why having some extra spending cash can reduce your stress, make your life more enjoyable, and help you acquire those extra luxuries.

The problem is that few tricks can give you enough extra cash to make them worthwhile, as many may seem like a waste of time.

Below explores some worthwhile tricks for acquiring extra cash. The basis of each of these is that they have a high money-to-time ratio, or they are simple enough to perform without requiring a large amount of involvement.

Tricks for Filling Your Back Pocket with a Little Extra Cash

  • Provide Services Online

    Websites like Fiverr allow you to provide small services or unique products for other individuals. The prices associated with these serves are generally from $5 to $20. This means they make for a great place to acquire assorted items.

    Some examples of services you can offer online include:

    • Proofreading and grammar correction

    • Graphic design services

    • Testimonials

    • Video editing

    • Selling crafts

    The idea here is you can offer anything that is easy and worthwhile to other people, and can earn some extra spending cash while doing so.

  • Recycle Aluminum Cans

    One of the oldest means of earning extra cash has been through recycling valuable metals.

    Aluminum may not be the most precious of metals, but it does represent one that is both valuable and accessible.

    Instead of throwing things like aluminum cans or foil from cooking in the trash, consider saving it.

    You can condense your storage by investing a few dollars for a can crushing device, which will make moving your saved aluminum easier.

    When you finally have 10 pounds or more of aluminum saved, you can take them to a metal recycling facility. They will often pay anywhere from $2 to $5 per pound.

    While this won’t’ amount to much, it is extremely easy to do, and will earn you extra money.

  • Participate in Online Surveys

    Online surveys seek to learn more about your habits as a consumer. Your opinion will be used in everything from creating better products to facilitating the marketing efforts of great products that already exist

    While these sites can help you earn some extra money, the amount you will earn with them is very low.

    Your best bet is to try to accumulate money over a period of weeks to months before meeting the minimum payout and requesting payment.

    Another trick when using survey sites to make cash is to refer as many people as you can.

    Some sites will give you a flat amount per referral, while others will give you a percentage of what your referrals earn. This can significantly boost the amount you make.

  • Sell Old Tooth Fillings

    Gold is one of the most precious metals available today, which is why many banking systems are backed by it.

    The rarity of gold makes it incredibly useful. It’s also useful due to its high biocompatibility with the human body, which is why it tends to be used in tooth fillings.

    Your gold fillings may fail, or you may opt to replace them with more natural restorations.

    The one thing you shouldn’t do is to throw them away. They’re worth a sizable amount of change, especially considering most gold fillings can be worth between $100 to $700.

    Before throwing away your old fillings, consider selling them to companies like Crown Buyers.

    You may be able to make a significant amount of money, which in turn could pay for any new dental work.

  • Engage in Medical Studies

    Medical studies offer a way to record how different processes interact with the human body. Most studies that are conducted on humans tend to be relatively safe, as they have already been cleared through rigorous FDA processes.

    If you have conditions like arthritis, joint pain, kidney problems, diabetes, or heart conditions, then you are likely an apt candidate for medical studies. By participating in them, you can earn a significant amount of money.

    The downside of medical studies is they are not a reliable source of income. Their high compensation rates will, however, make them great for earning some extra cash.

  • Start Your Own Website

    Websites are incredibly easy to start since you no longer need to be a wizard in technology to make them work. Places like can help you set up a blog all on your own with already available templates. The trick is turning your websites in money-making machines.

    There are a few ways you can go about doing this, which include:

    • Running contextual ads from places like Google Adsense

    • Reviewing products

    • Creating posts about news and linking to appropriate sources

    • Asking for donations to support the content you create

    • Creating engaging and fun content

    • Creating products and services with a high value that people want to purchase

Of all the tricks listed here, creating your own website is likely the most challenging and rewarding way to earn extra dollars to stuff into your back pocket.

While building it can be slow, the advantage is you can do it while working with the other tricks listed here. This allows you to earn more extra spending money in exchange for an investment of your time.

While six different tricks have been examined here, a world of countless possibilities exist for making some extra spending cash to fit in your back pocket.

The idea is that you should use your creativity to acquire services and products that other people want.

By consistently spending a small amount of time and effort, and using your wits, you will soon find that you have plenty to extra spending cash after using the tricks outlined above.

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