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We love our coffee. It provides something to look forward to as we crawl out of beds to stop our clanging alarms.

The ritual of morning coffee fills the air with an aroma of comfort and the taste provides a much-needed energy boost so we can put ourselves together before our day starts.

As with everything, coffee should be used in moderation. Too much caffeine can be harmful mentally, physically, and financially.

  • Something for Everyone

    Coffee has been on the market for a long time. There are hundreds of different varieties, flavors, roasts, and specialty coffees to choose from.

    It is the drink of choice for many, and a day without a good cup is a bad day in many people’s minds. This amazing brew delivers a good boost of energy, not to mention a delicious taste we crave.

    There are tons of different ways to drink coffee. Hot or cold, different flavors added, almond milk, steamed milk, a shot of espresso, and many others fill the menus either at home or out at shops.

  • Why Coffee?

    Coffee and the caffeine in it can actually improve your mental and physical state. Coffee has a lot of health benefits, depending on the amount you drink.

    Coffee stimulates the central nervous system which is why you start feeling “awake.” It improves your grumpy mood, creates energy, reduces inflammation, lowers the risk of certain diseases and overall gets both mind and body moving.

    Just the right amount of coffee intake daily can deliver a whole host of antioxidants which are highly concentrated in coffee drinks.

  • How Much Coffee?

    Many people love coffee so much that they drink it all day, either out of habit or preference.

    Too much coffee and caffeine can swing any benefits that were obtainable to the other side of the scale.

    Too much caffeine damages not only your systems but your ability to function. You may have the shakes, feel fatigued, or have an upset stomach. One to three cups is usually preferred to reap the maximum benefits or up to 400 mg.

    Anything over 400 mg can have adverse effects on your health, so drink coffee in moderation for the full benefits.

    Like all things we should enjoy coffee in moderation. Overindulging can have its downsides to be wary of.

  • Best Times for Coffee

    Drinking coffee all day or in the late afternoons and evenings can also pose a problem. Caffeine intake all day can really interfere with your sleep schedule.

    Caffeine stays in the system for hours, so late night caffeinated drinks or drinks consumed all day will leave you wide-eyed at three A.M.

    The best time for coffee is earlier in the day when the energy boost is most needed and the caffeine has time to ease out of your system by bedtime.

  • Watch that Budget

    Coffee and caffeine consumption cannot only affect you physically and mentally; it can affect you financially.

    Starbucks is one of many popular coffee places, and although the drinks are delicious, they can be expensive.

    Many have a habit of visiting their local or favorite coffee shop at least once a day. If you’re trying to get out of debt or are on a budget, this can add up quickly.

    There are excellent brews you can make at home or maybe you can use the coffee maker at work if there is one.

    Treating yourself only occasionally to a coffee shop drink will save your wallet.

Coffee is a part of our daily lives. Drinking too much can damage our thinking capacity, our health, and our budget. Consuming the right amount each day can have some excellent health benefits and make your day more productive.

Try to avoid ordering coffee every day from a coffee shop. Being smart about your coffee habit can help you stick to your budget and climb out of debt.

For a more elaborate article on coffee, read Caffeine Overdose: Top 11 Symptoms You Need To Know.

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