Ultimate Plan Of Financial Self-Defense

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There are external forces that act on your personal finances that on the most part you have no control over. They include inflation, the money supply and the workings of the Federal Reserve System.

You as an individual can, in some limited ways, protect your family from a serious crisis in your financial life. The interest rate set by Federal Reserve Bank can and does play a big part positively or negatively.

Ultimate Plan Of Financial Self-Defense

Similarly there are internal forces inside your person that molds you in the success or failure of your financial life. Whether you are a saver or a spender, the money you save or spend will put you on the path of total financial success or failure.

When you are a big spender, your chances for investing in the stock market, bonds, real estate or some other such entity will increasingly diminish.

When you save, your tendencies would naturally go towards investing. The reason being that money in the bank these days would give you a return that is 1% or less.

These and other forces are discussed in the book “The Alpha Strategy: The Ultimate Plan Of Financial Self-Defense For the Small Investor” by John A. Pugsley.

The book is divided into two parts.

  • The first half teaches the reader about external forces affecting an individual finances.

  • The second half encourages the reader to employ a stockpiling strategy against the external forces and prepares the individual to use these strategies for a better financial life.

The first 100 or so pages are a must read.

The book also describes in detail how our government reaches deeper and deeper into our pockets with every passing year.

The main idea is to try to stockpile the things of value in order to best preserve against inflation resulting from the unashamed and unrestrained printing of money by the federal government.

The book was written in 1980, but seems every bit relevant to today’s economy. The explanation of how the economy works is very helpful and understandable and is presented in very simple language that most people will not have any problem understanding it.

The stockpiling that the author theorizes about may not be agreeable to a lot of people but nevertheless Pugsley has presented his arguments in very simple terms.

The second part of the book teaches individuals and describes in quite detail how they can hope to hold on to what they have worked so hard to accumulate.

Reading the book, somehow I got the impression that there is some kind of “conspiracy” on the part of the government. That’s probably why Pugsley named the book “Alpha Strategy.”

In the author’s opinion, the first line of defense would be to develop our own strategy by stockpiling as much as we can against the hand of big brother.

In a Nutshell
The book is a good read, interesting and extremely informative about the external forces that are affecting our finances and our basic livelihood.

Like I said before, some arguments and reasoning given by Pugsley may not be agreeable to some but overall it’s interesting and informative read.

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