Unemployment Rate May Not Show True Picture

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It seems that unemployment rate may not show true picture of how many folks do not have jobs. The government report can best show how many are looking for work. I don’t think it’s an oversight on the part of the government. Some people have just given up looking for a job. They have long exhausted their unemployment benefits and now are just hanging around.

The Labor Department has no idea how many people are sitting home doing nothing, wasting their life (yours truly included) in front of the computer clicking their mouse on links aimlessly. If I don’t tell the government by registering with my state unemployment office, how in the heck would it know?

So for December when the Labor Dept. made available the recent unemployment data to the public, we all knew it was a good report but did not show the actual rate. By the way, the report said the jobless rate was 9.4% by adding just 103,000 people in the workforce. Most of us are not economists but it’s hard to believe how jobless rate gets lowered from 9.8% in November by adding that few people to the workforce.

We all know that cannot be true but apparently there is no other way to report the status of the unemployment of the Union. The government economists get the raw data how many looked for job in a month, run it through the computer [remember Steve McGarrett?], the computer does its own gyration, goes through its own iteration, and spits out a report for the world to see.

McGarrett, as an economist in the Labor Dept., instructs his subordinate about the unemployed to “Book ’em, Danno” sometimes specifying a charge such as “murder one.” The unemployed have always faced “murder one” charges for no fault of their own.

No emotions, no sanity, no insanity, no nothing. The only folks that are affected by the report are the ones that have already been affected by their unemployment. Some know and others don’t how to put food on the table, let alone buying gifts for the kids during the holiday season. Thank God that’s over but only for this season.

The nation’s unemployment rate dipped last month to the lowest level since the spring of 2009. That’s almost two years. The economy created substantially fewer new jobs. That should be a painful reminder to everyone of just how slow the jobs recovery may continue to be.

However, it’s playing very well for the White House, any sitting President – Democrat or Republican. In some ways, it has become a political weapon for the government to show that more folks have been employed. For the opposition as well. They can tell the nation how bad the unemployment rate is once you add up the folks who have given up looking for a job.

Gallup Finds Unemployment at 9.6% in December.

In a Nutshell
My suggestion for those who just sit around and don’t report to their state unemployment office to get out and register. “It don’t matter you have exhausted your unemployment benefits or not.” If you are Democrat, sit home, don’t report so unemployment rate would get still lowered. If you are Republican, go out and register so the unemployment rate would go higher.

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