Updating Your Look: Eight Ways to Modernize Your Home on a Budget

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Whether you’re starting out with your first home or want to give your current home an updated look, there are several things you can do to present a modern feel.

Even if you don’t think you’re handy around the house, the following eight fixes are easy enough for anyone to accomplish without spending a fortune.

Modern Home

  1. Shutters

    Changing your window dressings to shutters not only sets a modern appearance, it can also give the appearance that your windows are bigger than they actually are. Shutters are making a comeback in a big way to give your home privacy while setting a contemporary feel. The variety of colors available can either brighten up or give a cooler tone to any room in your house. Stores like Sunburst Shutters have window coverings for all situations and budgets.

  2. Storage

    A minimalist style is the key to a modern space, which means you’ll want to get rid of as much clutter as possible. Clearing out clutter is a great way to update and maximize small spaces. There are storage shelves that can be built right into the wall as well as closet organizers and stacking shelves. You can even convert empty spaces in your house into more storage. These organizers are also relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

  3. Bathroom

    Get creative here with color and style. Consider painting a more vivid color on the walls here than you would use on the rest of the house. Even a bright shower curtain, new faucets and cabinet handles and a few colorful towels can update your look. You can also replace your current mirror with a larger one to give the appearance of extra space.

  4. Furniture

    Painting or reupholstering some of your older furniture is a great way to modernize any room. There are hundreds of videos online that you can watch ahead of time to make sure you’re headed in the right direction with gorgeous results.

  5. Light Fixtures

    If you are handy, replacing your older light fixtures with newer versions can not only make your rooms look brighter and more modern, but in some cases you can actually save money this way with energy-efficient rebates through your electric company. You can also replace with updated light bulbs that burn more efficiently.

  6. Outdoors

    Plants and flowers go a long way to spruce up your home outdoors, and the options here are limitless. Brighten up your walkway or plant flowers underneath your windows for a colorful and cheerful view every time you come home. Skip the home improvement stores, though, and head straight for your local plant nursery to avoid spending too much.

  7. Carpeting

    Switching your worn-down carpet for something newer or replacing your area rugs on hard floors are excellent ways to modernize. Again, if you’re a DIY kind of person, you can refer to the instructional guides online for help with installing.

  8. Estate Sales

    Check out the estate sales in your area for a cheaper way to add modern decorations and furniture in the styles you like best. It may take some digging to find the highest quality, but these inexpensive treasures can help transform your entire home.

As you can see, some imaginative ideas and a little elbow grease go a long way towards giving you the beautiful home you’ve always wanted, and you may even have some fun in the process. The end result will be a great reflection of your personal style. Not only will you enjoy your living space even more, but it will be a home you are proud to show off while still having something left in your pocket.

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