Upgrades that will Increase the Value of your Car

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If you’re a petrol head, upgrading your car to add new exciting features and to improve the overall performance of the vehicle is a special sort of activity where you can pour your heart, soul, and personality quirks into making your car better.

Whether you’re concentrating on the cosmetic aspects of your vehicle, or you prefer to make your favorite four-wheeler sound and strong underneath the hood, or you’re venturing to overhaul and improve all the aspects of your car, the cool thing is that you will not only make the car better for yourself – but you will have also massively improved its value in case you ever decide to sell it.

What’s more, there are some folks out there that make cars better by upgrading them and fitting new equipment in them and then sell them for a living. The British show Wheeler Dealers and American Overhaulin’ are great examples of the premise.

In this article, we’re going to list some upgrades you can make for your car that can increase its value in case you plan to sell it. Of course, the same upgrades will not only make the car superficially better but will present an actual improvement in the car’s looks and the way it performs, so even if you don’t want to sell your car, you can use these tips to make it run better and be more enjoyable for your needs.

Here’s the deal.

Upgrades that will Increase the Value of your Car

  • Advanced Infotainment System

    No matter how old or new the car model is, setting up an infotainment system can be a great way to increase its value.

    Not to mention, of course, the massive increase in functionality and the fact that the thing can be quite useful for finding your way from point A to point B (if you have GPS installed with it), listening to music, or even talking with someone on the phone if you have the Bluetooth thingy to go with it.

    A small tip if you’re going to do this on an older car model – make sure to add a stronger car battery, because chunky infotainment systems tend to drain the battery fairly quickly, especially with older cars.

  • Leather Seats

    One of the things that can never go out of fashion when cars are in question would certainly be leather seats.

    While this type of seats isn’t necessary for you to feel comfortable inside your car, they do add a slight touch of comfort and more importantly – elegance to the entire interior of your vehicle. More often than not, when a customer sees well-kempt leather seats inside a car, they immediately suppose that the rest of it has been kept in a good condition, too.

  • New Tires

    While tires aren’t exactly the most expensive parts of a car and they can be procured and changed fairly easily, it is easier to sell a car that has a brand new set of tires than one that’s got old ones with diminished track functionality, so to speak.

    Much like leather seats ‘send’ a message to the potential buyer about a car that’s well-taken care of, new tires mean that the owner knows much about cars and what tires are good for different seasons. So, other than the obvious improvement of having new tires on your car that has to do with better traction and more stability in rough weather, there’s also the thing about the new potential owner not having to do any extra work in case he or she buys the car.

    The thing is, most people like to buy ready packages that are ready to go right away, and cars are no different, so even a detail such as new tires can make a lot of difference when it comes to being able to sell the car easily.

  • Cool Air Intake Engine Modification

    When it comes to the department of car performance upgrades, in the sense of making your car go faster, one of the most important upgrades would be adding a cold air intake system to your engine.

    The thing is, the engine requires air to run and the more air it’s got available, the more powerful it is.

    This is why adding a cold air intake will improve the car’s performance – the cool air will easily combust when mixed with the fuel in the engine, and thus the entire engine will be stronger without making any structural changes.

All in all, upgrading your car is not a process you need to complete at once, as you can add new parts and improve on the existing ones over time. (Unless you’re a used car dealer and you do this for a living, of course.) The bottom line is, the upgrades above can disproportionately improve the value of your car if you ever decide to sell it, plus, you get to enjoy these changes while you’re driving the car yourself.

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