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My son is going to college but he recently got a part-time job at an investment and financial company local to where we live. Monday he started his 4th week. Payroll was late in paying him his first check so at the end of his 3rd week, he got two checks. On Saturday, I gave him a ride to deposit his checks in the bank’s neighborhood ATM bank. The ATM, as many of us know, can scan a check and gives you a receipt for the amount deposited. He said he could do that on a Sunday as well when many banks are closed.

For some folks, this is a bit of an old story that you don’t need a live bank teller to deposit your check. This morning I was surfing the Internet looking for a story to tell and I came across a news in The Sacramento Bee newspaper out in California. The news said that some banks have started to let you scan checks at home and deposit the amount in your bank account online. Wow!

Earlier this month, Sacramento-based Schools Financial Credit Union (SFCU) became the latest bank to allow customers to scan checks at home and deposit them over the Internet. Golden 1 Credit Union introduced scanner-based check deposits in July.

I checked the SFCU website and it said the feature is available. You can read the complete news story here at Forget the ATM — some banks allow check deposits via scanner, iPhone in the Sacramento Bee newspaper.

Moral of the story
Pretty soon this feature will be able at every bank that does business online – and who doesn’t – throughout the United States and Europe and some other countries as well. The Internet has made our lives a bit easier and has provided folks a lot of convenience. But some things are still in infancy and we have to be careful and make sure that the whole process of depositing checks online from the convenience of our homes is totally safe and secure.

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