Use But Not Abuse Credit

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Here I am waiting, just waiting, anticipating a chance to see you so I can embrace you, hug you. I sit here not for hours but days and months that you would show up one day and I would tell you all the loving things that I have in my heart. I need you now as ever before. I hope you don’t let me down as I promise wholeheartedly to take care of you properly.

O Credit! Thou credit! I would even risk sitting through a rain shower and get pneumonia but that will be worth waiting for just a glance. Call me crazy but I just wanna get to know you once more.

If I didn’t say it before, I will say it now. You are my dream, my potential livelihood. This time and from now on, I will behave properly. I promise to let you go when the time comes. We will part on good terms so when I need you again, I will be able to count on you in my dire hour of need.

Release Credit

                                Release Credit


I am indebted to you but hope not for long. I was naive before and didn’t know how to handle you. The cruel world took you away from me. Without you, I became homeless. I have learned my lesson. Without you, I have no livelihood. I have lost my self-esteem since you been gone. I know I didn’t treat you well. I admit I abused you and I am sorry.

O Credit! Thou credit! At times you keep me at a very confused state. I used to think I was on top of you and because of you, I was on top of everything. I didn’t worry about “nothing.” You made me lose all the worries in the world. I don’t know if this is a method to your madness – madness of keeping me on my toes.

You keep me interested in you. You were so easy before. I didn’t have to ask you again and repeatedly. Now when I need you the most, you keep me in suspense. I admit my tastes have changed but I still have the same taste for you.

You used to keep me in comfort. We were together for the longest through sickness and health, for better or worse. I can’t stand it any more. Why should we live at such a great distance from each other.

I admit I have made mistakes. But that was past. I have put that behind me. The past mistakes should not hinder my chances of getting closer to you. I did the time for my previous crimes. I am clean now. I am not totally innocent but it was not entirely my fault.

We were both a part of the closeness we enjoyed so much. You are just being more cautious and I must say that’s cool. But at the same time you are no fool and your judgement can call who is right and who is wrong. So I am begging you as I will admit to my mistakes again and again.

O Credit! Thou credit! This is the longest I’ve ever waited. This is the longest I have ever anticipated, the longest I have ever held tight to such a dream. Any other time I would say f*** it and do something else when I am not thinking about you but yet I am still here…still waiting…just waiting…anticipating a chance to see you – one more time.

Now that I need you more than ever. Let me have you. I wanna use you. But this time, I wanna use you properly and with great care. I promise. I know in my heart, someday you will return to me. You won’t be able to live without me for too long anyway. We won’t be the odd couple we used to be.

Shut Up And Take My Money


In a Nutshell
This time when I get credit, I’d be more gentle and use it but not abuse it.

This post was inspired by a female who is just waiting for her man. It is dedicated to her that one day he would come back to her and live happily ever after.

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