Use Credit Efficiently Before Debt Overtakes You

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Many folks use credit (overwhelmingly in the form of using credit cards) but forget to return the credit. They only know how to use it but never plan to pay back what they borrowed to its proper owner. Consequently and for obvious reasons, they are overtaken by debt.

Some even start crying and they keep crying til they default on their debt which completely ruins their credit history and thus the credit score that they depended so heavily on when they first started getting the credit.

America lives on credit. America lives on spending. There is nothing wrong with either statement as long as you act responsibly with your credit and control your spending.

The trouble and problems with your finances start when you needlessly start getting credit and needlessly start spending it. That’s not the way smart people live financially.

Return credit to its owner before you become slave of debt…

All debt is not entirely your fault. That’s how the American financial society has evolved in the past couple of decades and you have adapted the ways of others who have blindly received credit but have never planned to pay it back.

So the credit has turned into debt which is hanging from their necks like the chain hanging from the slaves of yesteryear.

debt is slavery of the free

And that’s what many folks have become – slaves of credit. Credit is good when you return it to its owner intact and you don’t let it get converted into stinking debt.

You ought to control your money…

It’s one of the best advices any one can give but unfortunately many of the folks have not been in control of their money. In their financial life, money controls them.

When these folks with money controlling them wake up in the morning, they think about all the bills they have to pay. For them life becomes a drag.

They feel like they would never get ahead financially. Credit and in turn debt is always one step ahead of them. They are never able to catch up and be able to live a debt-free life.

Debt causes them worries and anxiety. They must get a hold of their financial life and gain control of their money.

Here is what you can do to get out of debt bondage…

This blog and many others have posted articles about how to manage debt. Follow the articles in this blog and many others and learn to lead a life without debt.

  • Change the way you think about money. When you rent money, you must return it to its owner.

  • Release yourself from the slavery of debt. Think about ways how to get out of debt and be debt-free for the rest of your life.

  • Gain control of your debt before it starts controlling you.

  • Buy back your livelihood and your freedom by getting out of debt completely or at least to a manageable level.

  • Resist the temptation of spending needlessly.

  • Have financial goals and achieve them.

In a Nutshell
Nobody should be a slave to their debt. Get yourself and your kids out of debt bondage. One of the best and proven ways is to stop spending money you don’t have and start living within your means.

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