Use My Money To Defend Yourself When I Sue You

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Only in America folks! It can happen only in America. When I sue you, you can defend yourself with my money. You have my bank account number. You can withdraw and spend as much as you want. You don’t even have to tell me how much money you have used. It’s a free country. I may be ignorant but I am not arrogant to tell you to go to hell and use your own money. Americans are not only physically big in appearance but they are big in their heart as well whether they know it or not or they just cannot do anything about it.

Maybe I [the American public] is not supposed to understand how and why these things work the way they do. Yap! That’s probably it. Has anybody figured out yet how the American people can regain their part in running the government like in the days of Mr. Lincoln and the days before him? I and so many others would like to know.

Marlon Brando






Look what they did to my boy [my money]. Look how they massacred my boy – Vito Corleone.





Whether using their money behind their back or openly in front of their eyes, Americans have become a nation of Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.

These kinds of stories have been going on for decades but lately some have been exposed. I wonder how many are hiding behind the curtain.

Monty Hall is too old to do Let’s Make a Deal. So I guess we would never know what else is behind the curtain unless someone comes forward and opens it up for another surprise.


In a Nutshell

Here is how the story goes…

New York Times today ran a story with the title “Mortgage Giants Leave Legal Bills to the Taxpayers.”


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