Use These Five Components in a Post Implementation Review

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A Post Implementation Review (PIR) is the formal review of a project after it has been completed and formally closed. The purpose of a PIR is twofold – to review the overall success, and to gain lessons learned for future projects.

To conduct a PIR quickly and efficiently, you need to take these five key steps:

Use These Five Components in a Post Implementation Review

  1. Review the project performance

    To start, you need to determine how the project performed against expectations.

    These expectations include whether the project:

    • Delivered the benefits in the Business Case

    • Achieved the objectives specified in the Project Charter

    • Delivered the scope defined in the Project Charter

    • Produced the deliverables defined in the Project Charter

    • Met the quality targets defined in the Quality Plan

    • Completed within the planned project schedule

    • Delivered within the budget defined in the Financial Plan

    These are examples of the expectations that are set early in the project.

  2. Review the project conformance

    Next, identify the extent to which the project has conformed to organization expectations for things like:

    • Project management processes

    • Project lifecycle processes

    • Financial processes

    • Governance processes

    • Safety processes

    • Legal, auditing and requirements processes

    A project that delivers to the triple constraints but does not adhere to organization policies cannot be considered a total success.

  3. Identify project achievements and what went right

    List the major achievements for the project and describe the positive effect that each achievement has had on the organization and the project. Identify the areas where the project team experienced successes.

  4. Identify project weaknesses and what went wrong

    List any project failures and weaknesses and describe the effects they have had on the organization and the project. These are areas that impeded project progress.

  5. Identify lessons learned

    Describe the lessons learned from performing this project and list any recommendations for similar projects in the future.

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