Use These Six Steps for Scope Changes on Small Projects

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Since small projects are much easier to define and complete quickly, they typically do not have many scope change requests.

If scope changes occur, they are typically also small in nature.

Even though the changes are small, they still need to be documented and managed.

The following simple process should be used able to be performed quickly.

Scope Changes on Small Projects

  1. Identify scope change request

    Scope changes can be surfaced by anyone on the project team. They should be sent in writing to the project manager by paper, email, etc. No formal form is needed. However, the request must be in writing – not verbal.

  2. Enter change in Scope Change Log

    Even small projects need to track changes.

  3. Determine the impact of the request

    The project manager determines the impact of the scope change to the project in terms of cost, effort and duration. If there are multiple viable options, the project manager determines their impact as well.

  4. Determine the value of the change

    The person that requests the change should also validate the benefits of the change. For a small project this may not be a qualitative value, but might be expressed in subjective terms.

  5. Take the information to the appropriate approver

    The project impact, benefits and alternatives are taken to the project sponsor (or other designated person) for resolution.

    If the sponsor does not approve the request and the corresponding impact, the scope request is not pursued.

    An alternative for small projects is that the sponsor allows the project manager to approve the change. This would only be the case if the project can still be delivered within current schedule and budget expectations.

    If the project manager declines, the change can still be taken to the sponsor. If the sponsor approves, the project receives schedule/budget relief to work on the change.

  6. Update Scope Change Log

    Update the Scope Change Log with the sponsor decision – accept or decline.

This simple process will ensure you maintain control of scope and reduce scope creep – even on small projects.

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