Use Twitter To Get Customer Service Response Fast

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Better personal finances don’t just mean to spend less and save more. Many consumers have problems with customer service of a company. If you are not firm and have not done your home work, you might lose out on paying extra for the merchandise you bought. Case in point: Rebates which are not given out by the merchandise maker but by an independent company that is under contract with the manufacturer.

Using Twitter for better customer service

Customer service is one area where Twitter and other social media can help you complain and get a response from the service provider. Using social media means you are bringing out your complaint in the open, in front of millions of folks.

If you do have a genuine grievance with a company, then bringing it out in the open will get you response and fast. Twitter may yield more satisfying results than a phone call to the company.

Use these tips to make the most of the exchange with the service provider:

  • Search Twitter

    An increasing number of companies have Twitter accounts to serve their customers and get their word out to the public. Search Twitter to find out whether the particular company you have grievance against has a Twitter presence. Then direct your tweets to its account, preferably a customer-service account.

    As an example, using consumer complaints as the keywords, search Twitter. You can further refine the keywords.

  • Be firm but don’t sound eager to fight

    You can use many of the same tactics you would use in a phone call. Include specific information, such as dates and times, and have a clear goal in mind, for example, a full refund.

    • Repeat mentally what you are trying to achieve
    • Repeat calmly what you are trying to achieve
    • Reason with the business
  • Never send personal information

    Don’t send sensitive information, such as credit card account numbers, social security or similar personal information on Twitter. Switch to a phone call if you have to provide your personal information.

  • Get suggestions from other customers

    Searching the business’s name on Twitter may turn up phone numbers of helpful representatives or other useful information that might be helpful in solving the problem.

  • Throw your Twitter weight around

    Many consumers have clout on a particular social media and how much weight does the person carry online. Some businesses check customers’ Klout scores which measure online influence. High score can get you some perks – say, a free hotel-room upgrade, all just by asking.

    The Klout Score measures your influence on a scale of 1 to 100. A higher score means you are driving more online action.

In a Nutshell
Even if your clout score is low, you can increase it by registering with as many social media services as is practical for you.

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