Useful Tips for Personal Fundraising Online

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There are so many reasons why people hold personal fundraisers to get financial help. It may be to fund a school project, scientific study or paying for a serious medical operation.

Whatever your cause is, you can relax in knowing there are various avenues through which you can get the help you need.

Most of the support when it comes to personal fundraisers usually comes from family and friends; however, you cannot close off other people out there who are willing to be part of a good cause.

The following are some of the things you should consider when raising money online:

  • Give a deadline

    Focusing your fundraising on a deadline can lead to more donations than when you do not have a specific deadline.

    People are more willing to help you meet a specific target rather than a fundraiser without any specific end date.

  • Tell your story and be honest about it

    Everyone wants to know why you need the money. There are so many funding scams these days that it is difficult to get the donations you need without a thorough back-story to the cause.

    Telling your story can also appeal to other individuals who have been through the same and can lead to even greater donations to the fundraiser.

    Tell people why you need their assistance, show your vulnerability and if possible use visual aids like pictures and videos.

    Do not make the explanation too long but focus on the more important information that your audiences can read easily.

  • PayPal for not profits

    You can boost your fundraising through PayPal as well. This platform allows you to accept donations from credit cards and online deposits.

    This account is easy to set up and you do not need any special programming skills.

    Even the donors do not need to have a PayPal account and you can get discounted rates for registering.

  • Use incentives

    You can also use fun incentives to encourage people to donate. Incentives increase engagement without being too expensive.

    It could be something as simple as sending an encouraging quote or a funny picture to your donors or doing a dare like shaving your hair as long as you are comfortable with it.

    You will reach your fundraising milestones faster than if you offer no incentives for donations.

    These incentives also create a buzz among the donors; people will encourage others to donate just to see what you will do next.

  • Email campaign

    It may seem a little backdated especially with social media providing a great level of connectivity among people but a well-executed email campaign can also achieve great results.

    Emails are personal and come across as more of a genuine plea than simply posting on social media.

  • Transparency

    People want to know that their donation will really make a difference.

    If it is possible, you should give a specific total that you intend to reach to meet your cause or the specific results that the donations will be expected to have.

    You need to make the task seem possible and earn more trust but showing how exactly the cause will be achieved.

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