Utilizing Your Smart Phone to Stay on Top of Your Finances

Thursday, April 18, 2013, 1:00 AM | 1 Comment

Technology is a great tool that can help a person manage all aspects of life including health and finances. Smart phones are filled with applications that allow a person to play or stay up to date on important information. These apps have the power to make life a little easier to navigate.

Here are a few apps that will help a person stay on top of finances.

  • BillTracker

    This iPhone app costs $1.99, but will more than make up for the small price. It helps to alleviate the headaches involved with having various bills due at different times of the month.

    The BillTracker app helps to keep a person more organized by creating a calender that displays when payments are due and what amount must be paid. This will help a person eliminate late fees, which can add up quickly.

  • Mint.com

    This is a totally free app that will help a person track financial issues. It helps to create a budget and keep an eye on spending. It is a good way to follow a financial history in one place and get a solid analysis of how much is being spent each month on certain items. It is an excellent tool for a family to track expenses as well.

    The distinguishing characteristics of this app are the mobile access, multiple account compatibility, and the simplicity of browsing through all categories. It will be worthwhile for a person who has trouble budgeting money or is interested in tracking where and how much money is spent.

  • Barcode Scanner Shopping

    A barcode scanning app is a special item that will be extremely convenient every time a person enters a store. This particular app will allow a person to compare prices on one particular product of interest after scanning its barcode.

    This app will supply different vendors and prices at multiple locations. It will even show the hours that a store is open. This app will ensure that a person gets the best deal possible in the shortest amount of time.

  • DrugHub

    Certain Android apps help a person manage both health and financial issues. DrugHub will remind a person when to take medicine, give detailed drug information, and remind a person when refills are necessary. In this way, a person will be able to set aside the right amount of money in order to adequately afford medicine.

    It is possible to set reminders for the entire family as well. This will keep everyone on track. It will be an endless source for drug information and related articles that will be of tremendous value when starting a new medication.

  • EasyMoney

    EasyMoney is the best selling finance Android app. It helps a user keep track of expenses and to maintain a budget under all circumstances. The interface includes a budget planner, expense tracker, bill reminder, and checkbook manager. It provides reports and graphs to help a person visualize cash flow and expenses.

    Using color coded pages, a person will be able to easily view specific accounts in one glance. It is one of the easiest finance apps in the Android market.

Today’s technology has the ability to help a person keep an accurate account of financial information. There are numerous apps that can be used to monitor spending and to create a helpful bill paying calender.

The above apps are just a few examples of applications that can help a person save time and money. There are even apps that will help a person maintain positive health at the same time. It is well worth taking advantage of a smart phone’s capabilities in order to stay on top of finances.

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Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles relating to business. This article describes a few smart phone applications that can help individuals organize their finances and aims to encourage further study with through degrees in health information management.

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  2. By Dave on Apr 21, 2013, 9:36 pm | Reply

    I have tried a lot of these apps and find them not helpful. The only ones I use are my banks and paypal. I find that these apps are just too much work. for the average person. What I got out of them are not at all worth all the effort.

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