Verizon Brings Additional iPhones To Smartphone Market

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Verizon Wireless could generate sales of millions of iPhones this year. It should bring additional boost to the already popular Apple’s smartphone. According to some sources, Verizon will have the phone available in stores around the end of the month. To make sure how big additional sales Verizon can bring in, it is the country’s largest wireless carrier with 93.2 million subscribers at the end of September.

We all know how popular iPhone is. Not only that, like anything else Apple has brought to market, it has always shown the company’s creativity, ingenuity and just plainly giving to the customers something they can use and brag about.

iPhone has established itself on the throne. However, my understanding is that in the court in front of the throne, nobility cannot use the cell phone I use because it is just a simple wireless phone. They might get embarrassed using it. It is not a Smartphone or the newly termed Superphone. For them it has to be latest generation of cell phone in the wireless market.

The market expects Verizon to do well with iPhone which is going in the direction of Smartphones. Along with Tablet PC, Superphones are expected to do well. Verizon currently offers Smartphones from other vendors. The iPhone deal would definitely put pressure on them to bring better and cheaper Smart- and Super-Phones into the market.

Apple brands especially the “i” gadgets have a decent market share among all the vendors in the wireless market. I heard from a few friends and colleagues saying: “It feels good when in meetings and other social gatherings using iPhone raises their self-esteem and they feel at the top of the heap.” By the way, I think today’s meetings have turned into social gatherings. You get to know new people and socialize with old ones with nothing to achieve.

It’s like Starbucks coffee. Some folks bring coffee to the meetings in Starbucks big cups. At 11 O’Clock, it seems odd that they went out to Starbucks and got coffee. Many times, when I ask them, I am told “Oh, it’s office coffee. Only the cup belongs to Starbucks.”

I don’t believe consumers can do that with iPhone. They are unable to improvise their ordinary cell phones and disguise them as iPhone. Given time, probably that will happen as well.

I don’t use any of Apple’s products but Steve Jobs is such a creative and inspirational personality with so much ingenuity that I hope iPhone does a lot better than expected from AT&T and now Verizon.

In a Nutshell
Corporate executives usually know what they are doing. They surely don’t need help from outsiders. Verizon will definitely try to bring in AT&T customers. I think what should happen is that the company should try to convert its existing 93.2 million subscribers. Competitive marketing is good but as we say on the street “Trying to step on others’ toes will bring wrath on your own toes.”

More than anything else, companies need to work on customer service in their existing markets.

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