Want to Surprise Your Colleague: Must Know Tips to Celebrate Office Birthdays

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To celebrate the birthday of the employee, many companies internally hold a celebration, with cake and soda. In some places, the party is also organized by colleagues themselves.

Despite being a moment of relaxation and joy, the professional cannot forget that they are celebrating in their work schedule and mainly within the company.

You cannot go up in the chair, behave as if you’re in a bar. If the celebration is only in the sector that the company works, it cannot invite people from another department.

The professionals have to remember that they have other people working, so no shouting. You can also think to use corporate personalized labels for birthday parties to make the occasion more attractive and remarkable.

Must Know Tips to Celebrate Office Birthdays
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  • Cake and decoration

    On the cake, it is rude to choose the taste, regardless of whether it is bought by the company or by colleagues. If the person wants the celebration to have more items, such as bladders and other snacks and soft drinks, they should not demand from the company, but buy with their money. After singing the congratulations, it is not advisable to sing songs that may embarrass others, such as the famous lyrics “Who will it be?” At the time of cutting the cake, the birthday boy should keep the first piece.

    At the moment of eating, it is essential that the employee remember that more people will eat, so, nothing repeated several times until you feel satisfied. If the party has other people who have a birthday that month, the birthday cannot think that the party is just for them.

  • Gift

    In relation to the present, the employee cannot choose what they want to win, besides not opening it in front of their colleagues. The package just cannot be opened, if the one who gave the gift asks the person to open privately. “Sometimes you can get a bikini and be embarrassed to open it.” Regardless of whether or not you liked what you won, the professional must make a face of surprise and happiness. If the gift is repeated, it cannot say much less pass it on to the other colleagues.

    Also, one has to take the gift home, never leave it in the office, if not to use it there. There is no obligation to repay the gift if your colleague gave it on his birthday. If the person is to celebrate outside the company, it does not have to invite all the colleagues, but a tip is to forward a copy email to the invited people, thus avoiding gaffes and an uncomfortable atmosphere among the colleagues.

  • Perfect celebration

    The scene is common in many companies – at the end of the day, cake and soda to celebrate the birthday of some employee. The forms vary from one company to another. Some have policies in relation to social events and others allow this to be decided informally by the team. But one question raises many questions – should you give gifts to all your co-workers?

    There are also other ways to congratulate your colleagues, such as emails, personalized labels and stickers, greeting cards, and messages on relationship networks. Especially in a larger company, one cannot be forced to give gifts to everyone. In such cases, an email is ideal. You can send it to those who do not have much connection and are not from your area.

  • Boss’s Birthday

    That date has arrived and it seems to be one of the most important dates of the year – your boss’s birthday. This day never goes unnoticed and everyone should participate, not only the party but also buying gifts. In this case, it is ideal to make a ‘kitty’, because then the values of the presents do not look very different. It’s complicated if one gives something more expensive than the other. Everyone should give the same amount of money, from the lowest to the highest position. Always remember that not everyone is in good financial condition so it is important not to put too much value.

  • A Gift must be acceptable

    Once this question is resolved, another question arises – what gift to give to someone at work? Underwear, perfume and makeup are out of the question. Ideally, you should buy generic gifts like books, CDs, DVD movies. Gifts those are easy to change. Another key point is not to give the famous gift card. It’s total neglect with the birthday boy. It seems like you do not care about that person, you do not mind.


Decided the whole pre-birthday party, it’s time to plan the party. Some companies have policies, in which the human resources sector organizes a commemoration for the birthdays of that month. There are also those in which the employees themselves organize. In such cases, it is important to remember that if it organizes for one, it must organize for all. Everyone should attend and receive the same things. If the company is too big, it is best to plan a monthly party. But if it’s a smaller company, it’s common to celebrate on the birthday itself.

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