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You don’t have to rent movies from expensive joints. Movie night at home is a lot cheaper now. You can rent a movie tonight at these locations:

  • Red Box
    You can rent a movie for a night at your local supermarket at Red Box kiosk for a buck. They have more than 8,000 vending machines installed in supermarkets and other convenient places across the country.
  • NetFlix
    Membership for Netflix costs as little as $5 a month to view thousands of DVDs. That includes movies and TV series. The best part is shipping to and from your home is free. Or you can watch your favorite movie from their selection online via your computer.
    Here is something that costs nothing, zilch, zip, nada. At easy-to-navigate website hulu, you can view more than 165 movies – and counting – and some 300 TV shows online from NBC Universal, Fox and cable channels that show such TV classics as the Mary Tyler Moore show and Fantasy Island. For more TV shows, check out their episodes in alphabetical order.

From computer to your big screen TV
Now, here comes the best part for some people. Depending on your computer, and most newer computers support this, you may be able to use a “TV-out” cable to connect it directly to a TV set for “big-screen” viewing.

For more information, Learn – how to use the S-Video out of your computer.

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