Way To Go, Sujata Sachdeva – You Are Finally Debt Free

Monday, March 8, 2010, 1:44 AM | Leave Comment

I gotta give it to you, Sue baby. More and more folks – except the bonus babies – have gone to great lengths to be debt free. Once you get in heavy debt like some folks, it would take you almost a lifetime to get out of debt. In the last two years, you paid yourself bonuses in the form of clothing, furs, and jewelry and bought them in various luxury stores in Milwaukee for a total of $4.5 million.

Sue baby! That’s in just two years, not in your lifetime. Didn’t you realize that it was not your money but it belonged to the company you worked for? Of course you did. Hey! It’s free money. You can do anything you want with it. Look at what David Cerullo did with his free money and Madoff worked hard too for a miniscule sum of $50 billion.

The difference between you and David is that he prays a lot. He sweats a lot. So the good folks give him money, free money for working so hard for them. Sue baby! Do you pray a lot? Do you sweat a lot? If you do, many decent and good folks would give you free money. And the best part is that you would not even get arrested like you were for the allegedly $31 million embezzlement from Koss Corp.

You spent $187,500 a month ($4.5 million divided into 24 months) and you were making a little more than $14,000 a month in your “executive” position. Some executive position you had. $31 million divided into five years is more than $6 million a year to spend on shopping.

Do you know how many workers and their families, not to mention their livelihood, are dependent on their job at Koss Corp. or wherever the f*** you worked.

In a Nutshell
According to a Forbes report, your income was slightly in excess of $170,000 per year. Sue baby! You were in the top 2 or 3% of all Americans’ yearly income. Why did you blow that income on a measly, such a minute sum of $31 million? That’s what I call sacrifice. Way to go Sue baby. That’s the spirit. Look at what a thick-accented Russian immigrant, Valentin did for almost 400 folks and their families. Do you realize the difference between you and the Russian immigrant?

Does America need people like you or does it need people like Valentin? Think about it in jail if that’s where you end up.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen to you. If convicted, you would be sent to jail. But don’t worry. Everything is free there. Free food, free clothing, free blanket (imagine that to be your fur coat). As long as you don’t look at it, I am sure you would not find a single iota of difference. From then on, we, the damned people – our generosity has no limits, will support you in jail. We have no choice. That’s our job to support people like you, and Madoff and a whole lot of others.

Take care, Sue baby!. Even though I had never heard of you before, if it’s any consolation, I will miss you. Money does grow on trees but you have to pay for the consequences as well. I hope you do if convicted.

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