Ways to Get More Involved In Your Community

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So you’re thinking of getting more involved in your community, but you’re not sure how.

Below are 11 quick and easy ways to serve in your community.

    group of teenagers volunteering

    group of teenagers volunteering

  1. Donate

    The easiest way to give back to your community is to donate money or used goods. Collect your gently used clothes and shoes, as well as furniture and other items and take them to a local Goodwill. You can also donate money to any non-profit organization to help further their cause. Just make sure that you keep track of your charitable donations, as they are tax deductible. For tips and tricks on how to do so, check out this blog.

  2. Clean up Trash

    You don’t have to be involved with a specific organization in order to get involved in your community, you can do something as simple as cleaning up trash in your neighborhood or in a nearby park. Next time you go out for an afternoon walk, take a garbage bag with you and pick up any trash you see on along your way. You could turn it into a family activity, and take your kids on a walk to clean up the neighborhood. Whoever collects the most trash wins a prize.

  3. Become a Tutor

    You can offer your services to a nearby school or family and help kids in your community get a better education. You will have to pass a background check and commit to at least one hour per week in most cases. You may help students with reading, writing, math, or even science.

  4. Little homeless kitten in the hands

    Little homeless kitten in the hands of a volunteer

  5. Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

    If you want to volunteer but you don’t like working with people, you can always volunteer at an animal shelter. The animals there need love and attention, so you may take the dogs for walks, pet cute cats, or even help feed the animals. The shelter may need help bathing the animals, preparing them for adoption, or help clean the cages.

  6. Ask a Community Theatre if They Need Help

    Community theatres are often looking for volunteers to act, but also to help backstage. If you have skills in costuming, makeup, hair, construction or even if you can just take tickets, they would love to have you help out. Oftimes, they will give you complementary tickets to see their shows if you volunteer to help.

  7. Homeless Man Being Handed Bowl Of Soup By Volunteer

    Homeless Man Being Handed Bowl Of Soup By Volunteer

  8. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

    You can volunteer at a local food bank or soup kitchen to help feed those who cannot feed themselves. You can either help serve food at a kitchen, gather food from your neighbors, or sign up to help sort donations at the food bank.

  9. Look for Local Events

    There are many local groups that need funds or volunteers for many of the events they host. Check your newspaper, Facebook, Volunteermatch, etc. to find groups that you can donate to or volunteer through.

  10. Shop Locally

    When you shop at locally owned stores and restaurants, you help strengthen your local economy and help create jobs in your own community. Your money doesn’t go towards a rich executive, it helps members of your community make a living. It may cost a bit more to buy from a local grocer, but it will be worth it.

  11. Join a Group

    Find a group in your community that has similar interests as you, and join it. You can join an exercise group, a book club, wine enthusiasts club, and more. Check Meetups to see if there are any nearby groups that you would like to join.

  12. Get to Know Your Neighbors

    One of the best things you can do if you want to get involved in your community is to get to know your neighbors. Go next door and say hello. If you feel like that is awkward, bring over cookies, or other housewarming gift. If a new neighbor moves in, go help them unpack.

  13. Write to Your Congressman

    If there is a political issue that you are concerned about, don’t just fume about it on social media, write to your congressman to let him or her know about your position. It is their responsibility to vote based on the opinion’s of the people they represent, so it is important to let them know what your opinions are so that they can make an informed decision.

This article is written By: Darci Maxwell

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