Ways to Save Money on Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

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If you have children, you how how big of a deal their birthday is to them. Birthday parties are a great way to share your child’s special day with friends and family, but it can also get expensive quickly.

Ways to Save Money on Your Child's Next Birthday Party

To help yourself stay within your budget, check out these six ways to save money on your child’s next birthday.

  1. Use a Park

    Instead of renting a out a pizza parlor or skating rink to celebrate your child’s birthday, choose to celebrate in a local park instead (if the weather permits). Kids love to play outside and everyone will have enough room to run off all that energy from the birthday cake and ice cream. Parks are great because depending on where you live, it generally only costs about $25 to rent a pavilion or can even be free.

  2. Search for Coupons

    Feeding a whole crowd gets expensive fast, so look for coupons for items like paper plates, pizza and soda. Your child will still be able to have his or her favorite products, but it won’t break the bank this way. Be sure you plan in advance for the party. That way you will have more time to find the right coupons and sales.

  3. Order Decorations Online

    It’s generally pretty easy find coupons for snacks and food items for your party, but finding coupons for decorations can be tricky. You can wait for your local party store to have a sale or you can buy balloons online. When you plan ahead, you are often able to save a lot of money stocking up on party supplies from an online supplier.

  4. Make Your Own Cake

    The cost of a ready-made birthday cake is always surprising, so make your own this year. It’ll be devoured within about five seconds, anyway, so don’t worry if it’s not perfect. If you want to be fancy, though, buy a novelty cake pan that you can reuse for other birthdays. A store bought cake generally costs between $15 and $30, compared to paying about $5 to buy all the supplies needed to bake your own cake.

  5. Skip the Goody Bags

    Goody bags are fun, but while kids are sure to appreciate them, the products inside will be forgotten or thrown away in no time. Instead of making goody bags, focus on making the birthday party fun with games and activities.

  6. Cut Down on the Invitations

    Instead of inviting everyone in your child’s class to your kid’s birthday party, only send out invitations to close friends and family. Make sure to remind your child to invite friends in private, though, so no one in his or her class will feel hurt. If you want to have a large party, print off invitations on fun computer paper rather than spending a lot of money on fancy cards.

  7. Plan Free Activities

    Candy-filled pinatas, arcade tokens and bounce house rentals add up quickly, so stick with free or low-cost activities. Kids love many games, so plan on doing things like playing kickball and tag. No-cost activities don’t have time limits, so everyone can play as long as they want. You can also make your own home made pinata with paper mache or put together a pin the tail on the donkey. Be creative with your games!

There are many ways to save money on your child’s next birthday party. No matter how you decide to celebrate, keep in mind that spending time with family and friends is what makes memories, not receiving cool gadgets or having extravagant parties.

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