Wedding Wizard: How to Save For Your Big Day

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Every couple dreams about the perfect wedding. Actually achieving this can become expensive, and it leaves you wondering how you’ll pay for it all.

By following some simple advice, you can have that dream come true wedding without stressing over where to find the money.

Wedding Wizard How to Save For Your Big Day

  • Stick to a Budget

    Before you start planning, create a budget. Decide how much you can realistically set aside each month. This lets you know exactly how much you can afford to spend.

    Open a separate bank account, and have the amount you decided to save, directly deposited. Next decide how many guests to invite.

    It’s nice to invite everyone you’ve ever met, but will feelings really be hurt if those distant acquaintances don’t receive an invitation?

  • Find Ways to Cut Costs

    With the average wedding gown costing $1,000, this is an excellent place to cut back.

    Pre-owned gowns can be found at consignment shops and online auctions. They are often under $300, and they have that popular vintage look.

    Have the wedding on Friday or Sunday. These days are often cheaper for the exact same venue than a Saturday would be.

    Also consider having a cocktail reception with appetizers instead of a full course meal. Choose a signature drink for the guests instead of a full bar.

    With only one or two types of alcohol to buy, you can find discounts buying in bulk. Skip the wedding planner, and do the work yourself. The extra effort pays off financially.

  • Borrow the Money

    One option is to open a credit card account specifically for the wedding. This will spread out payments into affordable amounts.

    Find one with a rewards program, and it could help pay for the honeymoon. Many couples receive a cash advance to help them through the wedding plans.

    Sites such as can be very easy and convenient to work with. No deposit is required, and couples need only have a phone number and checking account to apply.

    Work out payment plans with the photographer, venue owner, and caterer. Many are willing to help, rather than lose a sale.

If you are willing to make a decisive plan of action, and stick to it, you can make all your wedding dreams come true. By cutting back on things that won’t be missed and borrowing money from the proper outlets, your wedding will be financially stress free.

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