What Are the Problems Related to Social Security Cards?

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A social security card is an important document that everyone must have. In case you do not have one do not hesitate to get one made.

Want to apply for a new social security card? But do not want to wait in the long queue to get your application processed. There is a hassle-free way to get it done.

Many agencies assist you with the application preparation to apply for a new/replacement card. It not only saves your valuable time and money but also you get the comfort of completing the whole process while sitting at your home.

With these agencies, you get:

  • An SS-5 form: A few questions will be asked from you that will generate your form automatically in the right format. Many applications are rejected every year because of the simple mistakes in the form. These agencies make sure that it does not happen to you.

  • Support in the documentation: You don’t have to stress about the documents that you need to send to the administration. These agencies give you a list of documents that you need to submit to make sure that your application gets approved.

  • Complete instructions: In a year, most of the applications for new/replacement social security card get denied because the majority of the people do not understand how they have to fill up the form. These services guide you step-by-step in filing the form and ensure that you fill it correctly.

  • 24/7 support: These agencies provide 24/7 support to its customers. If you need any assistance or information about the process, they are just a call away from you.

Why is a social security card important?

A social security card displays your Social Security Number (SSN) and your name. Your SSN helps the government in tracking your total work experience and your total income. On the basis of which you get the benefits from the government when you retire. Without any SSN, the government will have no way of telling about the benefits that you will receive. From the past few years, this card has become a versatile document which is used for many purposes:

  • To get a job: Every employer asks for a social security card to check if the SSN that you have provided is yours. This helps them in tracking your earning, your payroll tax and tax withholding. Thus, you must get a social security card before a job.

  • Apply for college: Any university you wish to apply for will ask you for your social security number. They need it for many reasons like checking your identity and for reducing the tuition fee.

  • Opening a bank account: If you wish to open an account, you will have to show your card to the bank as a proof. They need to make sure that the Social Security Number you claim to be yours, is yours.

  • To claim government benefits: The government will always check your card if you claim for certain benefits from it. This is the only way for the government to check if you are eligible for the claims or not.

How can you apply for a new social security card?

A social security card is something that is a very important document, and you should take good care of that. You can register for a new social security card online; you need to follow these steps:

Step 1

  • Supporting documents

    The government needs you to submit the documentation with your social security card application so that you can prove your identity. In accordance with your citizenship, you need to submit the following documents and that too the original ones.

  • The proof of citizenship

    Only the birth certificate and US passport will be accepted as the proof of US citizenship. If in a case you do not have any of these documents the team will accept other documents at their own risk.

  • Proof of age

    If you have the birth certificate, you should present it. The administration of social security can accept other documents if you do not have a birth certificate, including the following:

    • Any religious record that was made before you turned 5.

    • Any Record of the birth in US hospital.

    • Passport of US.

  • Proof of identity

    This sort of identity requires that the information should be visible.

    • A driver license of US

    • Passport of US

All the above-mentioned documents must be currently valid.

Not American citizenship?

If in a case you are not an American citizen and immigrated to the United States, you should have the documents of immigration.

Step 2

  • Fill the SS-5 form

    You should find out the nearest social security administration office and fill the SS-5 form. This form provides you with different options, depending on your situation. You can also fill the Online Application SS-5 form. This form is very important if you lost the social security card. You must fill it to get issued with a new social security card. The form should be completely accurate as a minor mistake can come up with denial.

Step 3

  • Submit the form to SSA along with your documents

    You need to submit the form to social security administrative along with other required documents. You can also submit the form online if you are the residents of some selected cities in the United States.

Bottom line

The social security card is one of the most important documents that you are having. Obtaining replacement or a new social security card is a difficult task but mandatory for all the Americans. Without this card, one would not be able to go to college, apply for jobs, open bank account and all the important things. Some agencies will make your stuff hassle-free.

Different sorts of supportive documents are required if have lost your form, and you need to go to the SSA office and submit the form to SSA. Hope the post was helpful o you if you are seeking for more information you can check out other posts related to the same topic.

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