What is the Actual Difference Between Used and New Cars?

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While searching for your next vehicle, one of your initial choices will be between new cars and pre-owned cars.

Although both types of vehicles have their perks, it’s helpful to understand the differences between these two types of vehicles to truly understand which type will best fit into your lifestyle.

What is the Actual Difference Between Used and New Cars?

  • Warranty

    Every new vehicle comes with manufacturer’s warranties included as part of the sale price. Typically, there’s a shorter bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers most of the vehicle’s components and a longer powertrain warranty that covers the vehicle’s transmission, engine, and drivetrain.

    Although most used vehicles don’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty, you can purchase a warranty through the dealership to help cover the cost of any necessary repairs.

  • Wear and Tear

    Since a new car has never been driven, it will have minimal wear and tear. A pre-owned car, on the other hand, will have at least some level of wear and tear from its previous owners.

    However, if used cars are treated well during their lifetime, they will have low levels of wear and tear, meaning that they will be just as reliable as a new vehicle. This is especially true for those with low miles, which are likely cars that were used as display models or were driven briefly and then returned for a different car. These cars are actually new cars that are only technically used, dropping their price significantly without any effects on the quality.

  • Features

    One great perk of buying a new vehicle is that it comes loaded with all the latest features. From safety to technology to comfort, there are countless new features being added to vehicles all the time. Thanks to this rapid pace of development, though, even pre-owned cars are available with plenty of features. The only difference is how far back you go. Most of the latest features, like rear-view cameras and many sensors, were added after 2018.

  • Price

    All things considered, the biggest difference between new and pre-owned cars is the price. Because cars can lose value so rapidly after first being owned, used cars are becoming increasingly popular as an option to save money during the pandemic, as well as to avoid public transportation.

    Depending on the dealership and whether or not you buy during a major sale, buying a brand new car is extremely pricey compared to buying the same car after it has been used even once.

Ultimately, new and pre-owned cars make great options for certain buyers. As long as you buy your vehicle from a reputable dealership, you really can’t lose. Assuming that you take good care of your vehicle, you should be able to keep either a new or pre-owned vehicle for many years to come.

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