What Qualifying Characters Do You Need to Become a Driver With Uber and Make Tons of Money?

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The demand for new modes of convenient transportation is growing every day. It is leading to a constant growth in the demand for new drivers.

Uber started in 2009 as a small map that was capable of linking nearby drivers to potential riders.

At this moment, everyone is trying to ride the new growth and make some money out of it. Every second person out there has either driven an Uber or wants to become a professional driver of the company.

Uber is still one of the leading companies in the transportation industry. As a result, it has particular qualification requirements for its drivers and the cars.

  • What kind of vehicle do you need?

    The company changes the vehicle requirements constantly, and it also depends on the city you want to drive in. It depends on the Uber category you wish to serve. The requirements of UberX and UberXL vary significantly from UberBLACK and UberSUV.

  • What are the standard qualifying criteria for Uber Drivers?

    Expectedly, the Uber driver requirements vary from country to country. In the USA, there are a few standard requirements for qualifying as an Uber driver.

    • You need to drive a four-door vehicle, truck or a minivan.

    • Your car needs to be at least a 2006 or newer model. The year depends on the city.

    • Your experience of driving stick or manual transmission may also be acceptable.

    • All applicants must be of 21 years or older. Some cities have the lower limit of 23 years for the applicants.

    • The applicant must also have the insurance papers for himself and the vehicle in use.

    • Almost all Uber drivers require a minimum driving experience of 3 years.

    • You need to pass the background test that Uber runs for all applicants.

  • Acing the background test is necessary

    The background test is quite thorough. It looks for records and history of DUIs, involvement in serious accidents, past criminal records and reckless driving.

    It takes a close look at your driving history. Usually a third-party run these checks on behalf of Uber.

    National Association of Professional Background Screeners approves these tests for all driving applicants.

    You need to be very careful with a DUI, suspended the license or even standard speeding tickets can become a cause for your disqualification if you have 3 or more of them in a row.

  • Driving license requirements

    In most cases, you will not need a commercial driving license or a CDL for driving an UberX and an UberXL.

    You will need a valid driver’s license issued by the DMV, USA. You will also need to produce documents for vehicle registration and a proof of your vehicle insurance to qualify for the preliminary rounds of verification.

    Once you have submitted all the documents and completed all the verifications, you just need to update your Uber application and wait patiently for your first ride.

The trick is to find out which vehicle qualifies for which Uber service class. It is always best to visit your nearest Uber Greenlight and find out all you need to know about your car and its qualifying traits from the experts.

Uber aims to provide the best experience for the riders and the drivers. It justifies the stringent requirements that the company poses on the drivers and their vehicles.

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