What Roof Repair Would Be Best for Your Needs and Budget?

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Many homeowners overlook the importance of repairing the home’s roof. They may have a problem affording the cost or assume that it’s too high.

It’s important to review your repair needs, review the average costs for repairs and set aside a proper budget for the services you need.

What Roof Repair Would Be Best for Your Needs and Budget?

  • Shingle Repair

    Shingles are strong, durable, decorative and easy to find on most home roofs. These features last for decades if they’re made of strong materials and installed correctly. However, after a major storm, many shingles take serious hits. Over time, shingles fade in color or loosen from their adhesive attachments. A shingles repair is fairly common and costs between $300 and $1,000 on average. Many roofers charge between $1 and $6 per square foot.

  • Leaky Roof Repair

    A ceiling leak indicates a severe problem with your roofing that has gradually worsened over time. A roof leak may be caused by damaged shingles that allowed water to seep through. The problem is usually found in one area and simple to repair by a professional. The average cost for a leaky roof repair varies from $300 to $400.

  • Gutter Repair

    Gutters collect water, leaves, twigs and other types of airborne debris. Gutter cleaning and maintenance is recommended once a year at least. If not, a gutter repair is necessary to prevent the flooding of your yard and the buildup of mold and rot on your roof. A standard repair costs between $200 and $500. Replacing the gutters costs between $1,000 and $2,000.

  • Fascia Repair

    The fascia is the part of the roof below the gutters. This structure is designed to protect the bottom edges of your roof. This fascia may be made of wooden, metal or vinyl materials that is designed to withstand water damage. If the band isn’t strong enough, it could show signs of rotting, warping or molding and require the help of roof repair professionals. The cost for a fascia repair is similar to that of a shingle or leaky roof repair. The prices vary based on the amount of footage covered, the type of material used and the amount of labor required.

Not everyone can afford every type of roof repair. But it’s never good to assume that the cost is too high, so a roofing repair or replacement should not be done. Do not assume that the service is very affordable either. There are resources available to help you determine the estimated cost of your project. Furthermore, obtain free online quotes from different roofing providers or hire one to visit your residence and evaluate the damage.

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