What to Ask When Interviewing a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House

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Understanding what to ask a real estate agent when selling your home is essential.

Hiring a real estate agent can be an overwhelming process. Selecting the right agent is crucial for a smooth and successful transaction. So many sellers hire a Realtor for all the wrong reasons.

Some of the typical hiring mistakes include basing the decision on the following criteria:

  • The price of your home the agent provides. It is easy to get caught up in an agent suggesting your home is worth more than it is.

  • The agent’s personality. Picking an agent you like is great but not at the expense of track record.

  • The agent offers some gimmick like they will stage the home for free.

Choosing the right real estate agent when you are selling a house is much different than hiring a buyer’s agent. Real Estate agents have different skill sets. Some agents work great with sellers and others with buyers.

Below are the questions that every interviewed agent should be able to answer without hesitation:

What to Ask When Interviewing a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House

  1. Do you have a team who will works with you in our transaction?

    The best real estate agents usually have staff besides the office administrator to help them sell a number of homes. They will usually hire more people as their business grows.

    If the agent does not work solo, it’s imperative to meet the agent’s team before deciding to work with him/her. You have to get to know them. Understand their roles to formulate better expectations.

  2. Do you work full-time as a real estate agent?

    Scheduling issues, as well as the agent’s commitment to your transaction, can be identified as working full-time or not. The professional titles and the number of years of service of the representative are good references.

    Don’t expect something as significant as a real estate transaction to go smoothly if the agent is part-time. Real Estate is a full-time job. There is too much going on in the typical sale to think an agent could not be reached immediately. Problems come up all the time that need solving. Communication is a critical factor in hiring a real estate agent to work with.

  3. Do you have a website where you will list my property?

    Productive real estate agents have their own website that are found in search. There is no point in having a site if nobody can see it. With convenient online search, most buyers opt to use the Internet to search for house listing. Your real estate agent should NEVER rely on a company website to market your home!

    The best real estate websites have exceptional photography, and vivid well thought out descriptions of the properties they are marketing.

  4. What makes the agent different from other agents?

    In a lot of cases, the marketing skills of an agent will make a difference. The speed with which your home could sell relies on the search methods and the way your agent runs.

    By searching your region’s demographic data, your agent can create a specific market listing. This can help you to market your property directly.

    It’s worth repeating – these things really make a difference in marketing a home:

    • Professional photography that doesn’t exaggerate the property by making rooms look larger than they appear in person,

    • Vivid descriptions that accentuate all of your homes best attributes.

    • A video tour that can be marketed on Youtube, one of the most visited websites on the internet.

  5. How will you be communicating with me?

    A lot of agents use an email, text, or phone to stay in touch with you on a daily or weekly basis for updates. Make it clear to your agent how you would like them to communicate. Remember good communication should be what you desire, not what the agent prefers.

    When selling a home, feedback from showings is essential. Make sure the real estate agent you hire has a feedback system in place.

  6. Would you like to tell me the names of your previous customers?

    If you ask for the names of your agent’s former clients, you can reliably verify that your agent has a good track record. By communicating with the agents’ references, you can see if the work style meets your expectations.

    Smart tip: Don’t use the agent provided list of references. Instead, ask the agent for the last three homes they closed on and call these people after the agent leaves your home.

    You’ll get a much better picture of the agent’s performance than a hand-picked list the agent provides.

  7. Please provide details of your payment and the required fees. Can you formulate this in writing?

    In most cases, agents’ commissions are the responsibility of the seller. Agents sometimes charge their customers – be they sellers or buyers – other fees such as administration fees or special service fees.

    Check with your agent for an approximate cost estimate before signing a contract.

  8. Do you provide a performance guarantee?

    Providing a performance guarantee is easier said than done given the scale of real estate transaction. However, no guarantee does not mean that your agent is unable to provide the best service. Agents usually discuss with you what you can expect from them.

    Many top real estate agents will let you out of a real estate contract if they do not perform.

  9. What will be your techniques for selling my house?

    Your representative should have a detailed plan that shows how your property will be marketed. Ask your agent to explain the plan to you. An outstanding agent will show you examples of what your home will look like on the internet. They will give you a rundown of the most critical places to market online and why.

  10. What are your strategies for developing price approaches when selling my home?

    The price your home is marketed at will be the most important factor on whether it sells or not. Make sure you understand this point – the greatest real estate agent in the world cannot sell an overpriced home.

    The most important skill your real estate agent brings to the table is accurate pricing. This is where so many sellers get it wrong. The highest price is not necessarily the right price. The worst real estate agents will tell you what you want to hear, so they win the listing. It happens every single day.

    There should be a detailed analysis of your home’s value with detailed comparable sales. The data never lies; people do.

    Whose analysis seems accurate. Are you dealing with a shady agent or a true professional? Don’t get this part wrong or you will be disappointed in your agent selection. If make a mistake you’ll need to recognize this quickly.

    Here are reasons to consider dropping your home price. These are all great signs that a price change is necessary.

Final Thoughts

Contacting a real estate agent to market and sell your home is a very crucial decision. For a lot of individuals, the house is their most important asset. You must pick a qualified real estate agent to protect your investment.

Agents are qualified professionals who can help you reduce the stress of your pending sale. Don’t hire just any agent, ensure that you get an agent who is willing to work with you, and listen to your ideas.

Your house is probably the single biggest possession you have; you must hire an experienced agent to sell your home.

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