What to look for in a mobile trading platform

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The term ‘Mobile Trading’ refers to the use of wireless technology in stock trading and is a convenient way for investors to access trading platforms from their android
or iPhone mobile phone whilst they are on the go.

Such technology allows users to gain access to their account from their smart phone and is especially beneficial those who are unable to log on from their computer or laptop.

There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the best mobile CFD/Spread betting platform to use and below I will outline some of the most important:

  • High security

    Security should always be high priority when it comes to any online app, but is especially imperative for anything which involves your financials.

    If an adequate level of security hasn’t been established, you will be at risk of a confidential data breach and your financial information can end up in the wrong hands, which is why it’s crucial to choose a platform that you can trust and is in low risk of a breach.

    You will need to check the type of data encryption your platform uses as this will give you an insight on how well your information will be protected – you will find that a creditable trading platform use firewalls both on server and application level.

  • Full features

    Just as you would expect from a desktop version, mobile apps are becoming increasingly advanced and have enhanced features that allow individuals to trade on the go.

    Choosing a mobile trading platform that is responsive and has full access is very important, as you will need the ability to execute trades instantly if necessary.

    You will need a platform that allows you as much access from your mobile phone as if you were logged on from your laptop or computer.

    Having analysis tools will help you find out how effective your trading system is and how it can be improved once it has ran its course.

  • Easy to access, user-friendly interface

    There would be little point of utilizing a mobile app if it wasn’t quick and easy to use, as that would take away the convenience of such technology.

    It’s crucial to choose a platform that allows you to keep track of your portfolio and has easy to navigate features which lets you perform a number of actions in a few simple steps, saving you time that can be used to manage trades.

    You need an app that will allow you to not only look out for new trades but to pay close attention to and manage your existing ones.

  • Apps available

    There are many great apps available for businesses and individuals looking for a mobile CFD/Spread betting platform.

    This includes CMC Market’s apps which are available on devices including: Iphone, Android and Ipad.

    This app offers real-time advanced charting, full order ticket functionality, live market calendar and much more, it also meets the criteria outlined above.

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