What Traits are Buyers Looking for in a Luxury Home?

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Wealthy homeowners have certain expectations, so when they seek a new home, they look for ones with certain amenities.

Tastes and trends do change over the years, but these are the items many people looking for luxury homes consider must-haves.

What Traits are Buyers Looking for in a Luxury Home

  1. Open Floor Plans

    Having a lot of walls in your house is considered passé. Modern homeowners want airy, open floor plans where the living room and the dining room meet in one large space.

    They also like houses with a large and open entryway. Such floor plans reduce the need for dark and gloomy hallways and make it easier for party guests to mingle with one another.

  2. Technology

    The Internet of Things is here, and people want smart homes.

    In other words, they want to be able to use their smartphone to communicate with their house and tell it to unlock the door or change the thermostat.

    Interactive technology can also help with safety; smart security cameras can not only detect the presence of a burglar, they can also report the intruder to the homeowner, who can then call the police—assuming the home security system hasn’t already done so.

  3. Restaurant-Style Kitchen

    Even millionaires who eat out a lot want a kitchen that allows them to live out their fantasies of being a world-class chef for a famous restaurant. The kitchen in a luxury home will therefore include high-end appliances, a walk-in pantry, warming draws and wine fridges.

  4. Pool and Outdoor Kitchen

    People looking for a luxury home want it to come with what amounts to a high-end playground where they can spend a lot of time outdoors. They therefore want an outdoor kitchen complete with a built-in grill, fridge, sink and food prep area.

    They also want a large pool, be it a swimming pool or swim spa, which are popular in cooler climates like that of New England.

    Swim spas are smaller than conventional pools and contain a machine that produces a constant current. The swimmer gets at least the same amount of exercise swimming against the current that they would get swimming lots of laps.

    You can find a quality pool in Portsmouth NH or virtually anywhere in the US.

  5. An Exclusive Location

    The best luxury homes are found in places that provide lots of privacy or spectacular scenery or both. At the very least, a luxury home should belong to a gated community.

    Many people seeking luxury homes want one that comes with a private beach and/or has several acres between them and the neighbors.

  6. Home Entertainment

    Game and theater rooms have been popular with the very rich for decades, and that trend continues today.

    Game rooms can include pool tables, sports bars, indoor basketball courts, and indoor pools—as if the pool in the backyard wasn’t sufficient.

    The theater room will have high-end leather seats and a huge screen. Film aficionados with serious money to burn can even get their very own IMAX theater.

  7. Spa Bathroom

    Many rich people enjoy going to resort spas to be pampered. It should not be a surprise that some of them want to recreate the atmosphere and experience in their own bathroom.

    Such bathrooms can include huge showers that can accommodate several people with water jets aimed at every part of the body, towel warmers, indoor waterfalls, heated floors, and a big tub for soaking in.

  8. Home Gym

    Exercising along with the hoi polloi can be a hassle since you have to drive to the gym and share the equipment with people you don’t know. It’s much easier to have your own gym that you can equip with everything you want.

    Home gyms in luxury homes can include weights, treadmills, and saunas. They will also often lead directly to the pool for a relaxing post-exercise swim.

People looking for luxury homes want all of the pampering money can buy. They want a home that will both be a refuge from stress and an opulent playground.

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