What You Need to Know about Buying a Truck and Auto Insurance

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Buying a truck is a lot like buying a car, except you have more features to consider and more options within one brand and make.

You’ll also discover truck insurance is similar to car insurance, but it has a few differences to be aware of, too.

  • Cab and Bed Size

    One of the primary differences in cars and trucks is that you have options for carrying passengers and hauling cargo. While most vehicles are either 5- or 7-passenger models with a few that seat four, six and eight, you don’t often change cabin size.

    With a truck, you can have a regular cab or one of the extended cabs, which provide double the space.

    The same is true of the cargo space in a car versus the bed of a truck. Trucks come with short, regular or long beds, and many even offer bed extenders for even more space.

    Not only does the bed size impact how much room you have for cargo and equipment, it also affects your ability to park. You need more room with a longer bed, and it’s more difficult to manage in tight spaces.

  • Engine

    Trucks come with several engine options, including gas or diesel. If you don’t choose a big enough engine, the truck won’t be able to do what you need it to do.

    Of course, a bigger engine means lower fuel efficiency and higher costs to run.

    Since power and performance are often the reasons for buying a truck, you want to make sure it comes with features that make the power work for you.

    Systems such as hill start assist and hill descent control improve safety when you’re towing a heavy load.

  • Insurance

    When shopping for a truck, you may not think about auto insurance, but you should. More safety features can lower your premiums while high-end models can raise them.

    Consider buying gap insurance from your car insurance company, which is often cheaper than when you purchase it through a dealer. Gap insurance is a policy that pays the difference between the value of your truck and what you owe if it should be a total loss in a collision or other situation.

    Another consideration is theft. While you might think of sports cars when you consider vehicles most likely to be stolen, trucks actually have a high theft rate. Depending on the kind of truck you choose, it could increase your rates.

    Before you go shopping for any vehicle, including a truck, you should first talk to your insurance agent and find out what factors in a truck will influence your rates.

    If you don’t like the increase in premiums that may come with your new purchase, shop around and see if another provider can beat the price.

    Find the right deal for your truck and your truck insurance, and you’ll end up with a purchase you can enjoy for years to come.

    Make your first purchase of a pickup the right one with a little forethought.

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