What You Need To Know About Moving Company Insurance Coverage

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As you entrust your property to the moving company, you do so with the expectation that the truck will reach its destination without any hitches. However, anything can happen on the way to your new home.

Knowing you can get lost or damaged property replaced is the only relief you will get should any unfortunate incident occur.

It is for this reason that you should ensure you get an insurance company that has the required insurance coverage. You will have an assurance of replacement in case of theft and damage.

You should ask the Kinisol West Palm movers for proof of their insurance coverage. This should be up to date as this is the only way to have assurance of coverage. You can check the validity of the coverage directly with the insurance company.

  • Find out what the company will cover

    The type of coverage the moving company has will determine the compensation you get. By law, all moving companies should have a basic cover in place. You should find out what type of compensation you stand to get from such a cover.

    The moving company could also have other options that you can use to get compensation; for example, liability coverage that gives a certain figure as maximum compensation you can get on your goods. It is good to discuss this beforehand.

  • Inventory of valuable items is important

    Some coverage calls for listing of the items that the company will move. It is good to understand that such should meet the set conditions. For example, the items have to be above a certain amount in value. This allows the insurance company to know that the items claimed were indeed on the truck.

    Ensure that you have the items of value listed, no matter how bothersome it would be to make the list. This gives you peace of mind that all valuable items are under cover.

  • Check other conditions that affect the coverage

    You may have some problems making claims for compensation if you overlook important conditions of coverage. For example, you may not make claims for boxes that you packed yourself.

    In many cases, the moving company will not consider these for compensation. You should find out from the moving company actions that may make your claims void.

    You should also know how the compensation will be done, especially in terms of replacing individual items. Damage from natural causes also does not fall under most insurance plans.

  • Arrange for additional cover if you are not satisfied with what the company has

    It is possible to get your own insurance cover for your goods. Some policies offer lump sum compensation on your items in transit.

    You can also check to see if your homeowner policy covers for such. Knowing the options available allows you to make proper arrangements, especially if you have high-value items.

    You may need the additional coverage, especially where the insurance policy the moving company has does not cover for all circumstances. It may not cover for when your goods are in temporary storage as then their protection falls on other parties.

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