What’s It With Auto Mass Traffic – Real or Hoax

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Has anyone bought the Auto Mass Traffic package and has experienced large amount of traffic and turning it into huge amount of money in a few month? John Chow, whom I respect and visit his blog once in a while, sent me an email (I am on his email list) praising the Auto Mass Traffic. I went over his blog and left a comment on the post essentially stating that its marketing and praising is done by affiliates.

None of the affiliates has stated that individual online sites have achieved what the said package claims to do. In a few months, more than 860,000 visitors and more than $540,000? How true can that be for me and others? I would start believing it when others following the same package come forward and claim the same thing, with at least half in terms of dollars. A quarter of that money a year is a lot of money in the U.S.

When I Google for Auto Mass Traffic…

When I Google for the package for reviews, all the reviews that I read are done by affiliates. None claims to have followed the techniques and have made at least quarter of the money the package claims.

They all point to the same ad on Auto Mass Traffic page and state the same “statistics” of how much money one can actually make with the package. I have to give it to the owner of the package. It is promoted heavily by its affiliates. That’s extremely good for the owner.

If it’s true what he claims to have made the money in a few months, then the affiliates seem to be big part of it in promoting his package. He developed a page and he is making money off of it with the generous help of his affiliates.

WARNING: This page is about to be taken down… !!

Today when I looked at the website, the title of the page is “WARNING: This page is about to be taken down… !!”. Is that a new marketing tactic? Why would anyone say that? Google for “auto mass traffic” and read the reviews yourself. Like I said they are all done by affiliates and none states what anyone else has achieved some dollars with it.

Please come forward…

The package has been out for at least a couple of months. If anyone has used the techniques and made some money in these months, please come forward and make it public so we all know and realize that some folks are successful with following the package.

In a Nutshell
I assume every blogger would be strongly interested in what others have achieved with this package not the owner guy himself. He would not let you exit until you click three times for exiting the page. A week ago it used to be 4 clicks to exit.

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