What’s It With Debt Collector – Berating Disabled Veteran

Wednesday, October 17, 2012, 2:00 AM | 1 Comment

Everyone gets angry once in a while but when debt collectors get angry, they get angry like crazy. All hell breaks loose. They can say anything they want even though the recent law (that will be the day when it’s enforced completely) is supposed to protect all the remaining humans in the U.S. I am assuming the debt collectors are humans or are they?

All hell breaks loose…

The dictionary defines it as:
“If all hell breaks loose, a situation suddenly becomes noisy and violent, usually with a lot of people arguing or fighting.”

Recently media report that a debt collector got angry and all hell broke loose. When it comes to money, humans love to let decency go its own way, away from the person who gets angry.

Debt collectors are supposedly prohibited by The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to use abusive language or profanity. The law “don’t mean nothing” if it’s unable to punish the perpetrator.

According to http://wiki.answers.com

A perpetrator is a person who commits a serious crime or evil action, causing grievous harm or death to the victim. It is also used of those who commit atrocities.

Extremely angry humans have been known to act in a fashion that cannot be considered civilized in any sense of the word. Human history in all corners of the globe is full of such cases.

If we were able to put all the profanity that humans utter in a humongous jar, it would have flowed over the container completely many times over. The jar would say “I ain’t got no more space left.”

I am on social security and $6,000 is a lot of money for me. But it’s no reason for the debt collector to get angry and scream at the disabled veteran because he was unable to pay back the $6,000 debt.

“If you would have served our country better you would not be a disabled veteran living off Social Security while the rest of us honest Americans work our asses off,” one of the agency’s debt collectors allegedly told the vet. “Too bad, you should have died.”

“F–k you!” the paralegal allegedly said, “Pay us your money! You can’t afford an attorney. You owe us. I hope your wife divorces you.”

English not being my first language…

In most comments on many sites online, I read folks using the word scumbag for the debt collector. This word does not seem strong enough to offer justice to the behavior that the debt collector exhibited.

So I did some research and found out that there is more than meets the eye.

Scumbag is a slang that’s used as offensive which means despicable. Scum is a US slang that means semen. So scumbag means bag (in this case a person) that is full of semen.

Urban Dictionary…

In urban environment, it is used as “You scumbag motherfu**ing asshole shit for brains you should be shot.

In a Nutshell
The debt collector ought to be fined at the least. A prison term of some length should be an option as well.

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